Gorgeous Hair with LuxeLock Extensions + A Giveaway

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

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Everyone that knows me in real life knows that I LOVE hair extensions.  Ever since I discovered clip-in extensions 5 years ago I have been recommending them to everyone.  I recently discovered LuxeLocks Hair and got the chance to review (and giveaway a set!) a set of my own.

LuxeLocks Hair extension sets are heavier than the average set.  Each weft has much more hair and they offer 3 different weights.  Their lightest set weighs 120 grams while the average set from other brands can weigh just 70 grams. A heavier set gives you much more volume! 

LuxeLocks Hair extensions also last longer than your average set... in fact they can last at least 5 months without tangling or excessive shedding if they are worn every day!

The 100% human hair comes in different colors so you can blend it with your original hair color. And they have a great tapered design so they look natural when you wear them and you don't have to take them to a salon to get cut.

I was very impressed with how much help I received from LuxeLocks when I needed to select the type I wanted.  It's definitely worth the money to ensure that you get a color and fullness that go with the texture of my natural hair. 

Oh, and length..there are 2 different lengths - 16 inch and 20 inch(I chose 20 inch)  and they even have a few centimeters extra which is amazing since hot and cold styling eventually causes breakage and your ends may need a trim.  

Every order gets free shipping, no minimum requirements! And they come in this awesome little canister which helps you store them and bring them along to the gym or to a friend's house!   

I look at hair extensions as a serious investment and I can tell you straight up - the more of an investment you make, the more you will get back.

I really love how soft these are and they feel like my real hair.  When I asked people to see if they could tell the difference by looking and then touching, they couldn't!  

These were also very easy to put in my hair. Of course it takes a little longer the first few times but once you get comfortable with where and how to part your hair to get the extensions in, you can do it in a flash. 

I am SO happy with my LuxeLock Extensions and now I'm excited to announce that you can win your own set of either Perfectly Plush or A Touch of Luxe Extensions!

 photo ScreenShot2014-06-25at102225PM_zps4fdda517.png


  1. This is so fun! I've always wanted to try extensions!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  2. Love your hair!!


  3. I have never used any extensions before. I know a lot a people who use them.


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