8 Beauty Tips to Survive Summer

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Summer in Pennsylvania means it's hazy, hot, and humid and that can really make it hard to look and feel your best when it comes to hair, makeup, and hygeine.  Here are 10 tips I put together on how to survive.

1. Use dry shampoo correctly between hair washes.
If you're like me you don't wash your hair everyday and summer heat makes you more likely to get greasy hair in between washes. 

To properly use dry shampoo, part your hair into sections just like you would with clip-in extensions.   I part my hair in 3 sections in the back of my head, 2 on the sides, and then I spray dry shampoo on my top and around my hairline.

To correctly get your hair to absorb it, just use your fingertips and vigorously rub everywhere you've sprayed.  Personally, I love Batiste.

This also helps your hair grow healthy and strong because you will expose it to heat less often.

2. Clean stinky sandals.
Use alcohol on cotton balls to wipe down the bed of your sandals weekly and allow to dry.  Use baking soda sprinkled in your sandals overnight to help absorb oil and odor in between alcohol cleanings. Also wearing SummerSox helps prevent your shoes from getting stinky.

3. Clean stinky feet.
No matter how well you take care of your shoes, if your feet smell, you're gonna have a baaaaad time.  If you struggle with smelly feet, soak your feet for 15 minutes a night in a tub of warm water with baking soda.  

4. Take care "down there".
Always wear cotton panties during the day so you get proper ventilation.  It's also a good idea to use a pH-friendly bodywash in the shower when you clean down there. 

5. Wash your pillow case often.
If you want to keep a clear complexion, make sure you wash your pillow case quite often so that you aren't sleeping in yesterday's oils and bacteria.

6. Fight body acne cause by sweat with wipes.
If you know you will be outside often, such as with camping or a BBQ, pack some body wipes so you can wipe away the sweat in all your crevices half way through the day/night.  You'll feel great and smell even better.

7. Stay hydrated without even knowing it.
Rather than chug the recommended glasses of water daily, sip throughout the day CONSTANTLY.  You won't have to run to the bathroom as much and you won't feel waterlogged in your belly!

8. Keep hair off your face to prevent forehead acne.
Even if you don't want to tie your hair up, you can still wear a headband to hold your hair and bangs off of your face.  It's a great chic summer accessory too!

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