10 Ways to Create GREAT Content on Your Blog

Monday, July 14, 2014

At iRetreat 2014 I learned a lot about blog layout and good solid content so I wanted to share 10 ways to create better content!

1. Add Personality
Whether you are reviewing a product or giving advice, add your own personal touch.  Since I have an advice blog, I like to give a one-liner with advice at the end of my blog post regarding whatever the topic of the post was.

2. Be Honest and Value Integrity
This is important especially with review blogs.  If there's a product or service that doesn't align with you or your blog readers, don't be fake and act like it's the most amazing product ever.  In fact, think twice before agreeing to review it.

3. Spell Check
Grammer and spelling are HUGE when it comes to blogging.   It helps to write a post and then read it out loud to yourself so you can really get an idea of how it sounds and looks to readers.

4. Be Creative with Sponsored Content
Sponsored content doesn't have to be all about the product, in fact you can weave a story into it.  For example, if you are reviewing a pair of athletic shoes, tell the story about how you locked yourself out of your house after your run and had to wait for someone to come save you!  

5. Connect With Your Readers
Tell a story when writing any blog post.  You want your readers to be able to easily follow your story and feel entertained instead of just reading a bunch of words.

6. Use Visuals
Photos tell a story more so than words so make sure you use lots of photos.  Use everyday objects like fabric and papers as a background and don't be afraid to get creative.  For my budget posts, I took some photos of cash and a piggy bank and I use that at the top of the post. Mel Lockuff of MamaBuzz even suggested adding fun text to the photos.

7. Use Mainstream Media for Inspiration
I use magazines and newspapers to make note of current trends or events that give me content to write about.  Sometimes I even have a specific article I can link to so that my readers can see the article for themselves and then read my take.  Jennifer Desrochers of Momma D and Da Boyz even highlighted this in her session at iRetreat 2014.

8. Creativity Loves Constraint
Joyce Shulman of Macaroni Kid made mention that it's okay to procrastinate when trying to come up with content because if you give yourself a short deadline it forces you to be creative.

9. Reconsider Your Options
She also mentioned that you don't always have to write a blog post.  Be creative and solve a problem for your readers.  If they are wondering how to get on a budget, write a post about how YOU got on a budget.

10. Put Yourself in the Reader's Shoes
If you find your post boring, then it's a good chance that your readers will too.  You may have to rewrite posts and come up with new content from time to time but that's okay because in the end it will be worth it!

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  1. Great advice, Ellen! It looks like you learned a lot from iRetreat! I hope to attend next year!



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