15 Places to Shop for Affordable Quality Clothing

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


When it comes to clothing, I like to purchase affordable items that still are great quality.  Over the years I've had some bad experiences when I tried to purchase cheap items and it ended up still not being worth the few dollars I invested in the item.  So here are 15 places to shop for GOOD quality clothing at fair prices.

1. eBay
Let me just tell you how much money I save with eBay.  If you know a brand that you love and you always fit the same size in it, look for it on eBay.  I buy used J Brand Jeans on eBay for a fraction of the cost ($30 usually).  Also, this works great for shoes!  Most people that list things on eBay want to get rid of them so you're more likely to find a good deal on something you have been searching high and low for.

2. High End Consignment Shops
You can find designer brand items at a fraction of the cost and who can argue with that? That's how I got my Louis Vuitton bag!  

3. Target
Target is great for basic items.   I've bought tshirts at bargain stores that end up falling apart in 2 washes but when I buy Mossimo brand underwear, socks, tees, and more at Target, everything seems to hold up really well. 

4. Oakleigh Rose
I love their selection of maxi dresses, and I have one of my own.  It's held up very well through all the different occassions that I've worn it.  A lot of times when I try to get Summer Dresses for cheap, they have holes and start coming apart at the seams right away but Oakleigh Rose has a great reputation for craftsmanship.

5. Yard Sales
Anytime you see a yard sale, take advantage of it. The items are priced to sell and you can see the condition of them and the brand.  It's a great way to get jackets, shoes, and bags!

6. Piace Boutique
I have purchased a lot of different outerwear items like faux leather jackets from Piace Boutique and the quality is worth their reasonable prices!

7.DSW shoes
I got a pair of Sperrys for $50 when they were on sale from DSW!   It's a great way to get name brands at lower costs year round!  And if you don't have a physical location near you, just shop online!

8. Esterlane
The jewelry at Esterlane is amazingly cheap but great quality.   You can find the trendiest styles and colors at a fraction of the cost at most department stores!

9. Kate Spade
Watch for sales, and take advantage of them.  I have no complains about the quality of any of the jewelry, clothing, or handbags I've purchased from Kate Spade!

10. Zara
I love love love Zara and while the prices can sometimes seem high, there are a lot of sales and that's when you need to go in and stock up.  The quality of Zara clothing is amazing and there's no such thing as too thin or too cheap when it comes to the material!

11. Tj Maxx
When it comes to workout clothes, I've never regretted any purchase from TJ Maxx.  The clothes hold up through many washes, they are breathable, and stylish!

12. Victoria's Secret
I know, you probably think it's insane, but I have yet to find a bra that I love better than the ones from Victoria's Secret.  And if you use a coupon or take advantage of a sale, you'll walk away with a quality investment.  And honestly, the bras last SOO long and hold up really well so it's totally worth the cost.  I know they normally go for $50-$60 but I can always find them on sale with coupons as well and I end up walking away with a $30 bra that lasts for years.

13. Express
If you want some quality camis, look no further.  You can get a buy one get one half off deal and the camis last FOREVER.  I literally have camis in every color from Express and they have lasted over ten years!!!!

14. Old Navy
I used to have issues with Old Navy clothing falling apart but when it comes to sweaters, cardigans, and skinny jeans, this is the place to go.  The prices are always fair and you can always use in store coupons.

15. Body Central
Cute tops are a must from Body Central. The prices are low, and although some question the quality, I've never had any issues!

Where do you get your best purchases from?

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  1. Awesome post, girl! I'm all about a thrift or consignment shop. You'd be so surprised by the high quality stuff I've found even at Goodwills and Salvation Army's for pennies!



    1. YES! I know... you just have to have the energy to look high and low and you will find great deals!

  2. I love Old Navy. I have never been in to Zara before.

    We are a Recycling center that I like going to. Which I have find some Jcrew items there.

  3. Target is my place to shop for affordable items!


  4. I love shopping at consignment stores - you never know what you might find!
    Chic on the Cheap

  5. I love Kate Spade and Old Navy is great.


    1. Old navy really is wonderful for huge shopping sprees too haha , less guilt!


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