5 Ways I Save Time Every Day

Thursday, November 5, 2015

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A lot of people ask how I'm able to do it all.  I mean literally I am up at 5:30 am and I don't settle down till 9 pm.  When I'm not at my full time job I'm either blogging, cooking, or cleaning.  I used to lose my mind with my life like that but over the years I started doing little things each day to get some of my time back.  

Today, I'll be sharing those tips with you. 

[1] Calendars & To Do Lists
My life revolves around my calendar and my to do list.  Every day on my calendar has whatever is going on that day so I never need to worry about forgetting something. Every day I write in little things I need to do as they come up. If the thought hits me, I write it down.  I even write down my budget every month.  This way, I don't forget important tasks like bringing something to work, paying a bill, etc.   I keep a hard copy calendar and to do list so that I never have to worry about losing my info if my phone or computer crashes.  The best part is...when all my tasks are done for the day I can do WHATEVER I want.  I don't have to worry about cleaning unless it was a scheduled task for that day. I can literally sit back and relax with a glass of wine!

[2] I Use Unroll.Me
Emails can take up a lot of my time and the mail notification on my phone can be a constant interruption. The more I get distracted, the more I lose track of time.  But what's even worse is the amount of junk mail and pointless things that clog up mine and many other people's inboxes on a daily basis. I now use Unroll.Me to do the obnoxious task of managing my emails.  Unroll.Me lets me unsubscribe from emails in just one click and if there are any I want to keep getting I can combine them all into one email.  I highly suggest you sign up for this amazing service; it's super easy! It's so convenient and it really saves me a lot of time when it comes to emails. Instead of having to check a ton of emails first thing in the morning I can actually just sit and enjoy my coffee while I stare out the window.  It couldn't be any easier to use Unroll.Me. They even have an app which launches today!

[3] Own Less Stuff
The less stuff I own, the less stuff I have to clean. And organize. And manage.  And see.  I only buy stuff that I need. I focus more on experiences than on products.When you don't buy things on impulse, and collect things you don't need, you have more space in your home, you can see all the things you like, and you don't have to feel so crowded and cluttered.  Cleaning my house is so easy and simple now.  All of my home maintenance tasks take much less time.

[4] I Say No
I used to say yes to everything.  I would help every person with every favor they asked of me.  I ended up having no time to myself and I always felt rushed.   I have learned to say no.  I don't commit to every event I'm invited to, I put myself and my needs first so that if I really can't help someone I just say no, and I think realistically with time.  If someone wants to do something and it's going to mess up my daily schedule or make me late to work, etc. I just say no.  I have taken back my time and made it mine! 

[5] 9 PM Shutdown
I'm always multitasking throughout the day, on social media, replying to emails, and knocking things off of my To Do List but once 9 pm rolls around I am done for the day.  It's time for me to relax and watch my TV shows.  Allowing myself downtime every day is a great habit and it does a lot for my mental sanity.  I get tired around 10 and go to bed and get 7 hours of sleep usually. I never toss and turn and I don't have issues trying to fall asleep anymore because my electronics are already shut up. There are no distractions. In life, you really have to schedule the things you want. And if you want free time - SCHEDULE IT! 

Where can you better manage your time in your day to day life?  Will you try Unroll.Me to assist? 

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  1. I live by my calendar- especially my Google cal- to keep me organized!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  2. I love this list! I need to become better disciplined with shutting my computer down at night! Unroll.Me has helped me tremendously in taking back some time for me! Love that you are finding that too! #client

  3. Great post! I definitely need to check out that unroll.me service >_< !

    I currently work as a clerk/assistant in the children's dept. of my local library and despite being "the new girl," I've also learned to say "no." What's awesome is that the librarians generally flock to me when they need something done because of how efficient, helpful, and creative I am. But it usually ends up becoming a laundry list of tasks, so I've learned to be more forthright with my superiors in my capabilities to ensure I'm getting as much done as possible before my shift ends.

    Jasmine | The Sixth Disney Princess

    1. ahhh you definitely seem to have good control of your life now. Yea you definitely need to be open and honest up front. i do that with my boss too so he knows my limits now. Thanks for reading Jasmine!!


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