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Monday, November 23, 2015

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As a new homeowner I am always trying to take the best steps to make my home safe and secure.  There are so many things that can happen to anyone, anywhere.  Whether it's outside vandalism, breaking and entering, or whatever - it can be scary to have a house of your own and you can go crazy worrying about it.  So here are some things you can do to keep your home safe every single day.  Whether it's a new home or your current home, it's never too late to start.
[Install Dead Bolt Locks on Exterior Doors]
Any exterior entry ways like doors leading into the garage, front doors, basement doors, porch doors, etc. should  all be securely locked with a dead bolt.  Have you ever tried to break into your own door with a dead bolt on it? Exactly. It's a very worthy investment and it definitely feels good knowing you took that extra step.

[Keep Blinds Shut]
If you have windows without curtains or blinds, get some! When you aren't home make sure your blinds are drawn so no one can see in and scope out your house.  When you are home, especially at night when the lights are on inside, shut your blinds! You don't want anyone peeking in. I mean unless you WANT to give a peep show. This also prevents any potential burglars from scoping out what you have.

[Garden Lights]
Lighting around the outside of your home is a great way to deter people from snooping around in your yard or near your home.  Some people use spot lights that aim at their home, other people use solar lighting.  And please if you come to my house don't judge me when you see Rocky lift his leg on my garden lights.  Oops. 

[A Security Camera]
A security camera is by far the best investment you can ever make for your home.  The NuCam IR 720P is a great addition to your home, as it is to mine.  It fits all standard E26 Light Fixtures and has a remote controlled 3W white flood light.  This means you can install it in a place where you already have lighting.  This is great for the exterior of a home like a porch, patio, or garage.  The NuCam IR 720P has a wide angle lens with automatic night vision mode.  You can hear and see whatever goes on and it easily pairs with both iOS and Android! There's even a digital video recorder with an SD card slot.  I love the quality of images from this camera.  I'm very impressed to see they aren't stretched or fuzzy.  I can't even tell you how much piece of mind I have from my NuCam! It even comes with a flood light remote control and an 8" light bulb socket extension.  It's just so easy to adjust the camera viewing area with this.  The fact that I can check my home whenever I'm away is so amazing to me and gives me a great sense of security. You can purchase one here:

**The awesome folks at NuCam have offered 20% off for anyone who purchases their camera from Amazon. Just use the code GETNUCAM!

[Have A Plan]

Seriously it might be scary to think of this but it's a healthy type of fear. have a plan in your head for what you would do in different scenarios, like if someone breaks in while you're home. where will you run, where will you hide, when will you call the cops, how will you escape. have a plan for each possible scenario like if they come through a front door, a basement, a window, etc.

[Protect Your Home When You're Away]

When you plan to be on vacation there are several things you can do to keep your home secure like notifying the police so they can come by daily and check your house.  Make it look like you're home by having timed lights come on or keeping an exterior light on.  Notify a person you trust so they can come by and check your home.  Don't advertise that you're leaving your house empty on social media.

[Don't Hide Keys]

I don't care what anyone else does, this is the most foolish thing a person can do.  Burglars know to look for this stuff so they WILL check under mats, above door frames, and fake rocks.  If you are so worried about locking yourself out someday, make sure you either keep a spare on your self or get a garage door opener that you mount outside that you put a passcode into.  That way if you do forget your keys you can at least get in the garage.

[Lock Doors Always]

If you're home you still need to lock your doors. Creepy people can walk in at anytime, even if they know you're home.  Always lock your doors. Keep your windows locked as well.  If you are out back, lock the front door so no one can slip in when they see you are busy out back.

[Get A View Hole]

When we first moved in our house didn't have a peep hole on the front door.  So we installed one ourselves and now we can always peek out whenever the doorbell rings.  This way, you won't answer the door unless you absolutely want to. And never open the door for people you don't know. It's totally okay to ignore solicitors.  Seriously, you have no idea how weird and vulnerable I felt when I realized we didn't have one and the doorbell rang for the first time!

[Display Signage]

Those signs that say Beware of Dog are a great deterrent. So are No Soliciting signs and signs that say you have video cameras.

[Arrive Home Safely]

If you park in your garage when you arrive home, make sure you shut the garage door behind you as soon as you pull in. Make sure it closes and make sure no one slips in behind you.

[Privacy Film]

If you have windows in a shed, garage, or small bathroom that you don't want people looking in as they attempt to find a way to enter the home - use privacy film.   No one can see in so not only will they miss what's inside for them to get into, but they won't even be able to see if the coast is clear!

And that's not all - One of you will win a NuCam IR 720P Camera of your own!


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  1. Great ideas! We just bought our first house too and it is a big difference than renting in terms of how well you protect it!

    1. yea its always at the front of my mind these days it seems!

  2. Love these ideas, turning to this when that time comes for sure!

    Xo Chelsea

  3. I will have to share this with my daughters so they can be a little more aware of safety - they don't listen to me but perhaps they will listen to you!!

  4. great tips, I am so hyper-vigilant about this stuff and it's ALWAYS on my mind. So true about the hide a key!!!! That security camera looks legit.

    1. thanks girl. Yea you really need to always be on guard with your home!

  5. We always keep our doors locked! Great tips.

    1. Good! that's a major mistake people make when they get in the habit of not locking them, even when they are home.


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