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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

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So I'm already a bag lady, and we've established that. I can't go anywhere with all my essentials.  Sometimes though, it's easier for me to just bring a tiny bag along with a few things I'll need but the only problem is, I still have to worry about carrying the bag.    

But now I don't even have to worry about that because of SCOTTeVEST.
SCOTTeVEST offers a line of travel clothing for men and women, which is pretty awesome.  But you know what's even more awesome?   This Trench! It may look normal on the outside but check out the X-ray view of what can be fit inside!

Now the first thing I love about it as a basic jacket is that it fits wonderfully and it's very soft.   It's easy to wear because it's lightweight but still does a perfect job of covering me up when the weather isn't too cold.

Look at my puffy self before I used the belt! Ha! 

You see inside there are pockets...

and pockets...

and more pockets!

For someone like me that loves music - this is ideal. There's an ipod/phone pocket which allows headphone wires to be run through the top part of the jacket. And the earbuds get stored in little hidden pockets.   It's so nice to have the wiring INSIDE. 

On front left and right inside of the jacket, there is a pouch for sunglasses which even has an attached lens cleaning cloth inside. This is a lifesaver for me. Normally I have to grab a sunglasses case and root around hoping that a clean cloth is inside. 

 Before I show you the other side... down lower, the right hand side pocket, has a little coil keychain string and you can easily attach and detach your keys. I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!  No more worrying about losing my keys or fumbling to locate them in my giant bag. 

Back to the inner front of the jacket.  There is an enormous pocket perfect for my ipad mini, a slot just below it that's perfect for paper, licenses, a passport, whateva!

Everything has a use in this jacket.  It's perfect for when I want to go shopping and don't want to lug around a huge bulky bag. It's great for a night out when you don't want to carry too much stuff in a bag that could easily get lost, spilled, or stolen. 

I love that only I know what's inside and everything is easy to get to. 

There's even a handwarmer pocket with a magnetic closure. What he heck.  These people are geniuses! 

   But how do you style this? Well there's plenty of ways but let's see what I did...

 LEGGINGS!   I had a long tunic up top but I had some leggings on the bottom because I don't need to have pockets.   So I opted for some adorably embellished Zip Cotton Leggings from No Nonsense.

Leggings are ALWAYS a great choice.  And they are perfect when you need a look for an event where you may be outdoors a lot and you wanna have a cute trench with some lightweight pants.  So of course you should opt for Leggings! 
...now for the {{giveaway}}...

3 lucky winners will each get to pick a pair of Animal Print Cotton Leggings in the color and size of their choice!

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  1. what an awesome jacket.


  2. I bought these to run in and they stay up, didn't have to pull them up. They are on the heavier side and the black color were not see through. I tend to favor darker color work out gear and will look to buy more.


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