25 Things About Me

Monday, November 30, 2015

Sometimes I get so busy writing about things and stuff that I forget to write about me.   Not that my life is all that interesting but I like connecting with my readers by having unique things in common.  So whether you're a first time reader or you've been a fan since day one, I hope you enjoy getting to know me.

|1| I become furious at the world whenever I hit a pothole. It's like an instant reaction. 
|2| I refuse to go to zoos, circuses, aquariums, or anywhere that wild animals are held in captivity.
|3| I probably have 15 different shows that I watch entire seasons of in the span of a year. And I also like to binge watch stuff I like.   My all time favorite TV shows are Breaking Bad, Lost, and The Affair.
|4| My longest relationship is with my dog Pixie (10 years) and my car (8 years).
|5| I am not having kids. Ever.  
|6| I'm afraid of heights.  No zip lining, hot air balloon, sky diving, etc. for me EVER EVER EVER!
|7| I support the legalization of Marijuana.
|8| I support gay rights and get very defensive when people make any sort of rude comment towards gays, transgenders, etc.
|9| I don't follow or participate in organized religion.  I am spiritual with the Earth in my own way.  I also enjoy Buddhist practices even though I don't consider that the same as most religions.
|10| I have a No Soliciting sign on my front door because I can't stand solicitors. Not even the thought of them at my door.
|11| I used the KonMari process last year and my life is super stress free now.
|12| I'm obsessed with lists and I make a list for everything.
|13| I still have a fear of the dark. 
|14| When I was little I used to be afraid of Ursula on The Little Mermaid when I saw it on the big screen.
|15| I have 20 different random nicknames for each of my dogs and I talk to them in a different voice.
|16|I don't leave the house without kissing my dogs goodbye.
|17|When I was 21 Pixie was stolen in a robbery. I got her back.
|18| I lost my Best Friend ever back in 2008.
|19|I secretly wish I was Carrie Bradshaw!
|20|The whole idea of child birth makes me squirm.
|21| I work a full time job for the State and I've been there for 10 years.
|22| My favorite past time is seeing stand up comedy shows. So far I've seen Jerry Seinfeld, Ron White, Kevin James, Dave Chappelle, Steve-O, Fluffy (Gabriel Iglesias), and Jeff Dunham.
|23|By 7 pm on weekdays I have my bra off, PJs on, and I'm on the couch watching TV.
|24| I can't stand people that are lazy and make excuses.
|25|I try to live the book The Secret every single day. Thinking positive has brought amazing and magical things my way!

So..do we have anything in common?

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  1. I am so with you on making lists. I am constantly making lists and spreadsheets. When I was looking for a new apartment years ago (before becoming a homeowner), I even made a spreadsheet comparing about 20 different apartments and all of their features, etc. to narrow them down to eventually finding the right one. And I definitely talk to my dogs in different voices and always give them a kiss goodbye and tell them that I love them and that I will be back. If I'm leaving for work, I also tell them to have a good day.


    1. GET OUT!!!! I did the exact same thing dude. I have a document that was a giant table with columns with all the things! OMG That is so freakin funny!!!!!!

  2. Ellen this was a great post....except that it made me cry! I clicked through and read about the day Pixie was stolen and I was stressing right along with you....and then I read all about your friend Nikki (wow, she was gorgeous!) and my heart broke for you. You are an amazing person and I'm so glad I follow your blog. xo

    1. Awww I am so honored because I adore you! So thank you for the huge compliment. I'm glad my experiences have touched you <3

  3. Um, totally with you on #23. Give me some cozy clothe and tea and the couch - stat! And I don't like circuses or aquariums where animal have to perform but I'm on the fence about zoos. I think they are a bit different in the fact that they do a lot of conservation work, healthy research and have good people who care about the animals working there. But like you, the confinement part is difficult.

    I have lived in secure buildings for like six years now so it's been awhile where anyone just has access to my front door. But whenever that happens again, I will definitely have a no solitictors sticker too! Unless it's like a little kid selling something (which I'm sensitive too as I remember that hell when i did sports growing up and we had to sell candybars, ha). kindly back off. But I don't really like anyone knocking on my door at any given time bc I look like such crap at home. ha.

    Fun to read! Thanks for sharing, I went back and checked out some of your older posts from it too.

  4. Thanks for sharing I am all about spreading positivity and god karma wherever I go :)
    xo, Jessica || The Petite Diaries

  5. We have so much in common. Like scarily in common. ;) 2, 5,7,8, 9, 15, 16, 23, 24. I wished you lived closer girlfriend. xo

  6. Check out Greg Warren. I seem him every time he is at a comedy club close to me. He is hilarious..and secretly I want him to be my boyfriend. I had a dog once for 14 years when he died I felt like I lost a part of me. #23 for sure. That one of the first things that happens when I get home.

    1. LOL you crack me up!!! :) but yea i can totally relate with dogs being a major part of my life :)

  7. Great list. It's great to get to know you a bit more through this! I like the positivity too! :)

  8. I'm afraid of heights as well. Loved learning more about you.



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