Pet Travel with Ease [The Hatch Carrier]

Monday, November 30, 2015

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Tis the season for Holiday travel which means that some of you will be traveling with your pets.  One of the biggest things most pet owners worry about is the stress that your furry baby will go through.   So there's this amazing thing called The Hatch Carrier. It's a safe way to ensure your cat or small dog can't escape and there's even a Direct Reach system which gives you access to the interior of the carrier through an elastic entry portal.  This lets you reach in and place your hand on your pet to let them know it's okay.  You can also slip in a treat or get something out from the inside.   

Normally, a pet parent opens up their carrier and it can actually provide an escape route for a nervous pet to jump out and flee.  But with a patented access system like the one in The Hatch Carrier, you won't have to worry about your pet getting loose whether it's on the way to the vet or in a car or on a bus.  

The inventor is Jon Mirsky who was inspired by the experiences of his cat, Junior who had a hard time traveling.  He found that what most carriers lack is the ability to reach in and reassure your pet without the fear of escape.  The Hatch Carrier is made of water-resistant, military grade ballistic nylon which protects against wind and rain and it's also scuff and tear resistant! That means even the sharpest claws can't compete!   This really comes in handy with the mesh windows for ventilation and viewing.  Inside is an interior pet bed that's removable and has a machine washable bed cover.  You can carry this Hatch by hand or over your shoulder.  You can secure it to luggage or fasten in a car seat and this carrier is flight-approved and meets the requirements of most major domestic U.S. airlines.  

Isn't this amazing?  Right now this amazing carrier needs YOUR help on Kickstarter to get these things into production!! 

See below for details on what your contribution will get you!

Would this solve some travel needs for you and your pet?

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  1. Yay! If it was Tamar who contacted you, I have her your name :)

  2. Hi - this is Jon, the inventor behind the Hatch pet carrier! Thank you so much for your wonderful post, and if any of your readers have any questions, I would love to answer them!


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