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Friday, November 13, 2015

From time to time I like to revamp my home, even in the most subtle of ways.

Sometimes all it takes is a rearranging of furniture, new wall decor, new dishes, or new throw pillows to freshen up a home. Our home style actually changes a lot whether we realize it or not. So instead of redoing an entire room each month, little things spread out during the year can still help us get over the "same old same old" attitude.

Here's what I did to our home lately:

[1] Family Photo

I got our favorite family photo framed! I did it using
Framebridge. Framebridge is so fun to use because you can upload your photo and then see how it looks with the different colors and frames. And if you love art, adding some framed art can really make all the difference. 

The frame is so nice and it's really good quality and it came with all the hardware to hang it which literally took us 2 minutes to put up.  I love how it freshened up the blank wall in our living room.   There were so many options to choose from too so I will have to get some more photos framed from them. I love that I got the print, white board piece, and frame all at once and I didn't have to put any of it together myself. I always mess up with getting the sizes right.

Also Framebridge is giving my readers 15% off with the code: ASKAWAY15 so be sure to take advantage of this deal!

Also - if you are like me and struggle to hang things on your wall - have no fear because the Hang-O-Matic is here! The Hang-O-Matic has two built in sliding anchors to measure distance between two holes or hangers on the back of your wall art. Then you use the built in level to make your Hang-O-Matic straight on the wall.  Then you press firmly on both ends and it makes 2 perfect marks on your wall. Then you just use any hardware you want to hang your item.  It is super easy. Check out the video below!

 This makes a great gift idea by the way, especially for people that struggle to hang their pictures and wall decor.


[2] A Cozy Throw Blanket
Oh my gosh! I'm obsessed with this little guy!  It's a Raccoon Fleece Throw from KESS InHouse.  They have the cutest home decor items but I really love their throws. It's unbelievably soft and fun to snuggle with. It actually has a soothing feel to it.   And I just love the art on it and the colors. It really adds a pop of color to the room!

[3] New Drinkware
Sometimes you need to impress your guests so we always try to get impressive drinkware.  We just got these Ozeri Serafino Insulated Tumblers. They are great because they are stronger and more durable than your average drinking glass and they have an awesome grip.  They keep your hands cool with hot drinks and free of condensation with cold drinks.  And they are shatter resistant so don't worry if your guests get rowdy and have an accident. They are microwave and freezer safe too!

[4] Finishing Touches
There are some doors and small pieces of furniture that have needed retouched so we got a Homeright Finish Max Paint Sprayer and it's been a joy to use so far. I will be using it a lot more once the weather is nice in the Spring because right now it's took cold outside and we don't have a spray shelter for in the garage.

 photo ScreenShot2014-06-25at102225PM_zps4fdda517.png

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