The People on My ThankList

Monday, November 2, 2015

Sometimes the world can be overwhelming and life can feel a bit difficult.  I try to keep a clear mind by reminding myself of everything I'm thankful for. It seems so cliche but it really does work, at least for me.  I really do have a lot to be grateful for but reminding myself everyday helps me focus more on that good stuff rather than the stressful stuff.    

You might not be a believer right now but I'm telling you it works.  We live in a world where our news feeds on social media are filled with hateful statements and we walk around with our heads buried in our phones.  Each day we become more and more disconnected and more alone.    Research provides that simply writing down what you are grateful for triggers the positive health benefits of gratitude.  Positive thoughts bring out positive feelings.

So I have this thing called a ThankList.  The ThankList is a list of people that I want to thank to feel more alive. It's so easy - just make a social media post with the names of the people in your life that inspire you and make you feel more alive.  Use the hashtag #ThankList.  And it's a 2-for-1 benefit!   The ThankList itself inspires you to express gratitude towards others, which in turn makes you feel good back. We can help better this world with a simple "Thank You".  When millions of people do this, one small act manifests into a big change and a cultural movement.

So here are 3 people from my ThankList.

My Mom
My Mom always is there for me when I have a bad day.  When I need to cry like a bumbling fool, I can always call my mom.  She really does make my life easier, especially at this age.  For example, after the first week in my new home I was still trying to establish a routine.  I was all out of whack and the one morning I left for work and forgot to give Rocky his heart medicine.   I began to panic, so I called her and she without hesitation agreed to stop over on her way to work and give it to him.  It was a great reminder that I need to react that way too.  Instead of getting all hyper as if I'm being inconvenienced when someone asks for a favor I need to just agree to it and know that my agreeing right away makes them SUPER relieved and happy inside. At least that's how it made me feel.  

My Dad
My Dad has always given me great life advice. We have similar personalities so that's why I still hang on to his words of wisdom to this day.  My dad has always been the first person I call when I have car troubles, when something breaks, or when I don't know how to do something myself.  Sometimes we take those lifelines for granted so it's important that I always thank him for his help and let him know how much I appreciate having him just a phone call away.

My Grandma
Not only is my grandma the only grandparent I still have around but I get a lot of my personality from her.  She is my dad's mother so of course it makes sense since I'm already so much like him.  My grandma is always so energetic and independent and I always keep that in mind when I feel like I'm not capable of something. If Grandma can do it, then I certainly can!  She's always been so supportive of me and always happy for me. I always appreciate how open minded my Grandma is.    

Now I want YOU to make a ThankList. A great way to say "Thank You" to the people on your list is with a simple Tweet, Facebook Post, or Instagram photo. 

American Greetings has an amazing 30 Day Challenge that can inspire remedies for this rude world by focusing on a new purpose - working to make the world a more thoughtful and caring place.  They are asking everyone to show their gratitude through social media.  That's right - they want YOU to post a tweet, Instagram, or Facebook post that names the people for whom you're thankful for.  American Greetings  is partnering with the United Way Worldwide as part of the ThankList campaign to give back during the season of gratitude.  For each #ThankList you guys share on social media, American Greetings will donate $1 to United Way Worldwide.  And funds donated during the campaign will be allocated towards hunger prevention. No matter what, the outcome is positive so make that ThankList and start sharing it on social media!

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I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.


  1. This made my heart happy to read. :) My mom is everything to me and without her, I would truly be lost.


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