The Affair | Season 2, Episode 5 [RECAP]

Monday, November 2, 2015

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So I recently became obsessed with The Affair, which airs on Showtime. I even got a Showtime subscription just to keep up with the show because after finishing Season 1 on Netflix, I just couldn't wait an entire year for the second season to come out on DVD.  I love this show so much that I am going to do episode recaps each week. If any of you watch the show, let me know in the comments below.  Sometimes I'm afraid I'm the only one lol!

Last night's episode was pretty damn good.  This episode covered Alison in part 1 and Cole in part 2.

It starts with Alison waking up and seemingly wandering around the house bored not knowing what to do with herself.   She heads up to the home of Yvonne and Robert to see what's needed from her, since she has basically taken a job as Yvonne's assistant. 

When she walks in, Yvonne is reading Noah's book, which throws Alison off since he said he doesn't like anyone reading it before it's finalized.  Yvonne's behavior and attitude towards Alison is totally different in this episode from any other.  It immediately seems as if whatever Noah wrote in his book makes Yvonne's view of Alison change.  At this point, it doesn't seem like Alison has any idea the book is really about her and Noah.   Immediately Yvonne shuts Alison down. Whenever she says she can help do something Yvonne shoos her away.   She even makes a snide remark about Alison's short shorts, insinuating she's dressed inappropriately.

Throughout this episode,  Alison calls Noah, who is back in the city caring for his sick son, but none of her calls are returned.

As Alison is helping Robert with some physical therapy she ends up arousing him, and she starts to feel like SHE is part of the problem with Yvonne and her husband. She also learns that Yvonne and Robert met while he was with his first wife.

Later, Robert comes to the river house that Alison and Noah are staying at and breaks the news to her that she's basically no longer needed. Someone else is coming to help with his PT and Yvonne has a new assistant.   After he leaves Alison runs up to the main house and looks for Yvonne. There she finds Noah's book on Yvonne's desk and begins to page through it, reading passages that don't really paint Alison in a good light but it also becomes clear that the book is about their relationship.
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Alison storms back to the river house and packs her stuff, leaving Noah an urgent message.  She arrives at his ex wife's house in the city looking for him, where Helen breaks the news to her that he's not there but to be warned that Noah changes over time and eventually will blame Alison for all his problems.  She heads back to Montauk.

Cole's half begins with him flirting with Tory's babysitter and then being caught sleeping with Tory, the woman he drove home in the previous episode.  Her husband walks in, he punches Cole, and Cole flees. Cole heads to the docks to talk to his brother, Scotty, where he ends up discovering the babysitter sleeping with Scotty.   Scotty assumes they know each other and gets territorial over Luisa.  She catches him selling drugs so she storms off the boat, right as Cole is leaving too.  Scotty had tried to influence Cole to sell his house because the family needs the money.  It's obvious at this point that Cole is still hanging on to any part of his relationship with Alison. 

After Luisa storms off, she gets a ride from Cole, after he goes back to get her bag from Scotty, and is told to NOT sleep with her by Scotty.  He takes her to work, and then ends up staying to eat and drink at the bar she is serving at.   Cole heads home and as he arrives at the house he sees the light is on.

He walks in to find Alison in bed.  She explains to him that she feels like a slut and that no one respects her but he insists that's not true. He tells her she can sleep there obviously because it's her house but then she insists that he stay with her. They spoon, they make love, and I was so happy because for some reason I love them as a couple. Maybe because I have a crush on Cole. Who knows?
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The next scene shows Cole on the back deck and Scotty sneaks up and begins to argue with him, positive that Cole has Luisa inside.   They get loud and Alison comes out to see what's going on. Scotty gets quiet and leaves, but not before making it seem like he's angry that Alison is in the picture. I assumed that's because she seems to be "the reason the family has issues" in Scotty's eyes.

The episode ends with the Detective meeting up with Noah's lawyer at The Lobster Roll. It's then that the men bring up the fact that Cole could be a suspect in Scotty's murder and also that he wasn't really well liked in the town of Montauk. The final scene shows Oscar serving Noah's lawyer coffee and handing him something after he asks if Noah would possibly get out of the whole thing. 

So what did Oscar hand the lawyer??? And is Alison going to stay with Cole???    I can't wait till next week's episode!

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  1. I love, love, LOVE this show!! It's been the most interesting who-done-it in a long time. I think Alison is back with Noah in the next episode, or soon anyway.

    1. YAY i am so happy someone else loves it so much!!! I saw an interview the other day with Ruth wilson saying the rest of the season gets dark and she realizes that noah isn't who he was in the beginning and she feels controlled. SO my thought is that maybe she goes back to cole for a bit. I dont know. But then why does she have a kid with noah in the "future" ahhhhhhhhh and will it ever pick up in the future and then the storyline goes on from there? i kinda want her to be with cole for some reason haah


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