Bedroom Changes in Our New Home

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Now that we've had a few months to settle into our new house we have been doing a second sweep and making tinier changes to things.  These small changes actually seem to make a big difference!  

So the spare bedroom is basically my closet and "get ready room" but like any other part of my house I really want to keep it nice and clean with clear counters, etc.   So here are some changes I made to that room:

Before: I had the entire dresser lined with things and it made it hard to use the space for anything other than storage.

After: All I had to do was take the acrylic drawers off and look how much more clear it looks!

Before: My closet was used for clothing but also decoration.   I had several framed items in one of the shelf spaces and I had a box or 2 which didn't really make sense.   I didn't notice it till I went to move my boots and winter shoes into the closet and there was really no room.

After: I actually removed a lot of the framed items - used the bottom shelf for jewelry and one little tray of decor and now I use the middle shelf for shoes and my clutch bags.  I moved all of my big handbags to the very top shelf. before I was using the top and 2nd shelf but it really limited me with shoe storage then.

I also added a bench in front of the closet which I use to lay on and read sometimes but it's also great when I need to sit down to put shoes on. I didn't have anywhere to sit before so it honestly has made this closet room even more usable.

Moving on to the master bedroom....

Before: Check out these ugly thangs! These curtains came with the house and they did their job but they weren't pretty. They also didn't go with ANYTHING in our room.

After: How nice does that look? I found some gray curtains on the Bed Bath n Beyond website and purchased them. They were easy to hang and I love the color. it goes with a lot of little details in the room.

What changes have your made in your home recently?
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