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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

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Ever since I can remember, I have been obsessed with the whole "what's in my bag" thing.  I love seeing what other people carry and why.   Sometimes it inspires me to change what I carry around on a daily basis.   So I figured I should do one of these posts and show you guys what I carry around in my bag.

The theme of this will be what I carry around on date night.  The thing about date night is that it's not something I can do easily.  Life is so busy these days, as most people will agree so when we do get a rare moment with our siginificant other, we want it to go perfect with no drama or mishaps.  And even a simple dinner can go wrong.. you spill something, you learn that you have a food allergy, you don't feel so well.   Whatever it is, the least you can do is be prepared next time you head out for date night.

So without further ado here's a look at what's in my bag on date night.

You never know when you will be in a situation where you need cash, whether it's for a tip or if you can't find an ATM nearby.  I never leave home without some cash stashed in my bag.

[Cell Phone]
While I refuse to play around on it during a nice dinner, I always bring my phone with me in case there is an emergency at home or if I find myself in a situation where we have to call for a cab, etc.  It's also important to take those amazing date night pictures with your lover!

[Nexium 24HR]
Nothing can ruin my date more than a bad case of heartburn so I make sure I bring Nexium 24HR along for all-day, all night frequent heartburn protection.  May take 1 to 4 days for full effect.   This keeps me happy and I'm able to order off the menu without being afraid of what the side effects of my meal could be.  Incase you didn't know, Nexium 24HR is the #1 prescribed acid blocker brand (Based on IMS health data: total Nexium® prescriptions 2006-2014).  

[ChapStick Total Hydration]
I can not go anywhere without ChapStick Total Hydration.  It's 100% Natural and visibly renews lips.  I can't stand when I'm out somewhere and I start stressing because my lips are chapped and they hurt.  ChapStick Total Hydration instantly smoothes and moisturizes lips. Plus, who wants to kiss rough chapped lips?

With over 20 varitiers of vitamin supplement drink mixes, Emergen-C offers the formula, flavor, fix, and FUN you're looking for.  It's yummy and I like taking care of my immune system and knowing that I can let loose without worrying about a nutrient-lacking meal.  I mean, a girl's gotta splurge and treat herself sometimes right? 

You can find the products I listed above at Walmart.

Which of these items will you bring with you on your next date night?

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  1. I love seeing What's In My posts! It looks like you have everything covered for a great date night with those essential items! {client}


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