My Weekend [or] Why I Should Have Stayed Home + Adulted

Monday, November 16, 2015

Adulting...I love that word.  I've been doing {{a lot}} of it lately.  In fact, last week I had a realization that I am in fact an adult. You see, I asked James if he wanted to go out somewhere for a nice dinner date on New Year's Eve and then come home and relax.  Then I said it. 

"Unless you wanna go to a party or something."

We both cringed and scrunched our noses. 
 As I went back to cooking, I was like

I opted for an adult thing - you know you always see real adults going out to a nice dinner on New Year's Eve. Sometimes they come home and go to bed without staying up for midnight. 
 That. Is. Us. Woohoo!
So Friday I enjoyed a nice night at home with James and the dogs.  We watched TV and ate food. 
And we were in bed by 11. 

And I should have just stopped there.  
--But I Didn't.--

And I shouldn't be surprised because I knew about this for weeks.  On Saturday we had plans to go out with our friend like we do each year to celebrate his birthday.  It's usually dinner at Cafe Fresco and then we go to the club upstairs and drink in the VIP lounge.  
So Saturday started great. I got some things done and lounged around.   
I reluctantly thought about our Saturday night plans and we even discussed the fact that we would just go to dinner, maybe have a drink or two, and then go home. 
 Because dinner wasn't even till 7:30 we knew we wouldn't even go to the club till 10-ish. 
What's funny is that 8 years ago when I first turned 21 I couldn't stand being at home. I was always so eager to get to the bar with my friends every Friday AND Saturday night.   I would get an icky feeling in the pit of my stomach if I even thought about staying in while everyone else was out. Damn you FOMO!
So as I got ready I had that same feeling in my stomach, but it was at the thought of going out.  
"I really don't even wanna go out so we are definitely coming home after dinner."

I kept saying it. 

We arrived to Cafe Fresco. It was dee--licious. 

I ordered a *Vodka & Cranberry*, my usual. 

Then we tried a sushi appetizer which was deee-lish and for dinner I ordered Panko Encrusted Pork over Portabello Risotto. 

And I had another Vodka Cran. That's only two at this point.  
For the next 2 hours we all kept talking about how we dragged ourselves to come out because we are "OLD PEOPLE" now.  And we scoffed at the idea of waiting till 11pm to leave the house, like we used to do when we were newly legal.  

It was nearing our bedtime. For serious! 

We still had an hour to kill until the club opened up.  Level 2.. damn you and your late hours! 

So we headed to Brickhouse nextdoor. 

They have this amazing shot that only they make called a Lumberjack shot.   It tastes like pancakes apparently and you even get a slice of bacon with it. 


It was seriously delicious!

Then I had one more Vodka Cran.  
{So what are we, up to 3 drinks and a shot now?}
Cool dude. It's all good. 

Then we finally went to Level 2.  I had one drink.  Okay maybe it was 2 shots in one drink. Vodka Cran again.  Once 11:45 hit we were ready to go home.  I don't remember much after this.  I remember a few things. 

//Jimmy John's.   There was a Jimmy John's next door and I housed an 8 inch roast beef sub yo!  It was delicious. I only live five minutes from where we were, but by the time James got us in the garage at home, my sub was gone.   

//Mints.  I must have collected mints in the bathroom several times.  I remember my friends throwing some in my purse as well.  Regardless, I had a sh*tload spill out of my purse when I emptied it out. Oh well, at least my breath will smell amazing!  

//HEAT.  Of course it's because I was drunk. But I woke up like 5 times sweating so bad I thought I had peed myself.  It was just me, sweating out the alcohol.  What the hell Ellen, get it together!   

Luckily, I woke up without a hangover.   But what was my first thought...
"I'm never doing that again."
Good God.  

Adulting is much safer than I originally thought.  I think I'll stick to Netflix and Chill from now on when it comes to Saturday night plans.   And by Netflix and Chill I mean literally... Netflix and Chill!!!!

I hope your weekend was more adult than mine!    

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  1. Sounds like you had a good time :) I drank Saturday night too and felt a wee bit rough on Sunday morning. Lol

  2. hahah this made my day!! I find myself saying I will go out and opting out as well, more and more! Good job on the shot girl, I would have been like nope, one more cran vodka please ;)

    XO Chelsea

    1. I know, i was surprised I even considered taking one lol but the lure of pancakes and bacon was just too much for me

  3. Almost every single time I drink or go out and really drink, I have a hangover the next morning. I used to never have hangovers. Still sounds like you had a great time! I am definitely an adult. Most weekends, I am usually home running errands, cleaning, taking care of the dogs and trying to relax or Jesse and I make or go out to dinner. Nothing wrong with that.

  4. I have long given up going out on NYE and it's been the best decision ever. I'm all about house parties or cabins. Nevvvverrrrrrrr to a restaurant or bar.


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