10 Places To Clean Up on September 15th - National CleanUp Day

Thursday, September 6, 2018

So September 15th this year is National CleanUp Day which was founded to celebrate the importance of uniting to care for our outdoor spaces and remove litter in our community spaces.  So in order to motivate you to take part, here are 10 places YOU can clean up!

1. Running/Biking Trails
Whether they are official running/biking trails or just ones that you know of that the locals use, get out there on foot or by bicycle and get cleaning.  Look for things not only on the trail but items that have blown off the trail into the surrounding brush and shrubs. 

2. Parks
Parks are a great way to enjoy the outdoors in a safe place and since they are generally always open to the public, you won't have to feel awkward if you walk through picking up trash.  It's also a great way to get others involved when they see what you're doing and ask to join in.

3.  Pavilions
A lot of trash gets left behind in pavilions after groups use them for parties and events and that trash can eventually blow away and into wooded areas and fields so pick up any loose debris and place it in the nearest trash receptacle.

4. Your Block
You would be surprised how much trash you could get just walking up and down your own street in your neighborhood.  Cigarette butts and loose papers are a commonly left behind item.

5. Wooded Areas Near Your Neighborhood
The trash from a neighborhood itself often times travels towards the nearest wooded area which is home to plenty of wild critters.  Do them a favor and walk along the wood lines and pick it up.

6. Your Place of Work
Again, even if you work in a suburban or urban area, the trash blows around and eventually can reach other areas.  So do the Earth a favor and walk around your parking lot before work one day grabbing any loose litter you find.

7. Beaches
Beaches get sooooo dirty.  When all the families go inside, walk along the edge of the board walk area or wherever there are green plants and look through for trash. 

8. Lakes/Ponds/Waterways
Walk along the shorelines and use a stick with a point to grab anything you see floating near the edge or buried in the ground against the water.  There are tons of critters that live near water and they need it to stay clean and clear.

9. Playgrounds
No one wants children to be playing amongst trash so ALWAYS make an effort when you're at the playground with your kids to walk around and discard and loose trash you see sitting around.  It's also a great way to set an excellent example for future generations.

10. Parking Lots
People are rude when it comes to leaving their trash behind when they are out shopping. Some people just toss stuff right out before the pull out and leave. If you see trash, GRAB IT!

Remember when you are on private property you may want to ask someone that works there if you can clean up.  Also remember to wear gloves and use a tool or stick to grab things.  Always carry several trash bags with you and if something looks too unsanitary for you to pick up, just leave it.

So where will you be cleaning on September 15th?


  1. My neighborhood does a community clean up twice a year. I plan on cleaning up the walking trails.


  2. Thank you for this post.


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