More Adventures with Stella the Therapy Dog!

Friday, September 21, 2018

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 Stella has been a therapy dog for a couple months now and she's doing really well with it.  I'm convinced that she has the most ideal laid back personality for it too.  She just sits there.  She's like a little stuffed animal that you can snuggle without her getting fidgety.

 She knows when we are headed out for her monthly therapy pet visit now too! She gets super excited when she sees me get the yellow bandana out and she practically marches herself out the door and into the car.  Once we walk in the retirement community she starts wagging her tail, awaiting all of the attention she's certain is coming her way.
 Everybody loves her and she brings so much joy.  Sometimes all she has to do is sleep against them while they sit on the sofa and other times they like to pet her while she quietly sits on their lap.  Either way, everyone is benefitting.

Stella is so calm and well behaved that people often think she's not real and that she's a stuffed animal!!

So how does she do it? Therapy work can take a lot out of an animal.  Well, I make sure to watch her for calming signals like if she starts yawning or staring at me.  That's usually her signal that she has had enough.  Just like people socializing, a dog socializing can get tired quickly from having to be "on" the whole time.  For this reason her visits usually don't last over half an hour. 

I let her rest afterwards even if the rest of the pack is out on the porch with me.  If Stella wants to stay in her bed, she totally can.

And of course I have been feeding her a very balanced diet. She's been loving the Nutro Ultra Bistro Mix Filets in Gravy Dog Food Trays from Chewy.  I give her beef and chicken. These are grain free meals and they have high quality protein and pieces of real veggies! There's no artificial flavors or preservatives and of course no corn, wheat, or soy.   There's even a hint of herb which gives it a little extra flavor.  I've noticed Stella has a great coat now that's even shinier than ever! She isn't shedding excessively which is great because I don't want fur all over the place when we go visit residents in their homes.

Stella eats these trays as their own meal but you can always mix it in on top of your dog's dry kibble.

So that's how Stella's been doing!  I'll share more photos with you soon!  


  1. Glad to hear that Stella is doing such a great job.

  2. I have three Therapy dogs, and it's such a great way to help others while spending time with your dogs.

    1. I agree!! It's like the best of both worlds and everybody wins!!!! So cool to meet another therapy dog person!! Thanks for your comment too


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