A List of All the Things A Wife Does [[September 16th is National Wife Appreciation Day]]

Friday, September 14, 2018

Yes, you read that correctly - September 16th is National Wife Appreciation Day and it's pretty well deserved. Think of all the stuff a wife does!  In honor of our lovely day I wanted to do a post with all of the things a wife does which translates to why the heck you should appreciate us! 

1. Scheduling.  We keep the schedule, remind you of the schedule, remember appointments, coordinate get togethers and kid's activities, and handle any conflicts.  Seriously 99% of us carry around a calendar in our handbag.

2. Cleaning. I don't just mean the basics like vacuuming and wiping down the counters.  We wash the baseboards, dust the nooks and crannies, clean the oven, sterilize the fridge, and wash the bedsheets.

3. Decorating. Sure, a house doesn't need decorated but it sure looks a heck of a lot better when it is.  And who has the perfect eye for style? The wifey of course! You may hate those throw pillows but it's guaranteed that your guests won't!

4. Organizing.  It may drive you nuts when we reorganize a cabinet and you need to relearn where the items are but damnit doesn't it feel good to know there's a place for everything and everything can be found in it's place? Besides, everything is prettier when it's organized. You're welcome!

5. Cooking. Not only do we cook but we keep on top of what items are needed at the store, what will be eaten when, and by the time the hubby gets home we already know what the meal will be.  And providing the kiddos nourishment? Look no further than your wife!   Sure the guys may cook, too but who is the one that really reads all those cooking magazines and blogs and finds new fun recipes?

6. Caretaking.  Whenever anyone in the household gets sick, even the dog, it's generally the wife that becomes caretaker.  She gets the medications, takes the temperatures, cleans the mess, and checks in on you every few hours as you sleep your illness away.  And when she gets sick, well she powers through it because if she doesn't save the world, who else will?

7. Saving the day. Ever contemplate doing something really stupid?  And then wifey swoops in to scold you and save the day - yup! That's us.  We nag and remind you to wear your seatbelt, not drink too much, respond to an email, think twice before drunkenly jumping from the neighbor's tree, and much much more.  We may be annoying but hey, it could save your life!

8. Moral support.  There will always be a smothering wife to make you feel better and motivated when you are at your lowest point.  Never take that for granted.

Happy National Wife Appreciation Day ladies!

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  1. I had no idea there was a day for this.



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