BloggyCon 2018 Recap [Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio]

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

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So this past weekend I attended BloggyCon 2018 at Cedar Point Amusement Park in Sandusky, Ohio. This was my 3rd Blog Conference - the first being LuckyFABB in New York and the second was iRetreat in 2014 in Hershey, PA right by me. 

Now let me preface this post by letting you know I'm a MAJOR homebody. I always have been. As a kid I hated sleepovers and always wanted to be at my own home in my own bed.   When friends wanted me to ask my mom if I could sleep over I'd make a face at her as I asked in front of them so she knew I didn't want to, lol! 

A hotel room with beds and window at Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio

A hotel room with TV and beds at Hotel Breakers in Cedar Point, Sandusky, Ohio

A hotel room with beds at Hotel Breakers in Cedar Point, Sandusky, Ohio

 So it was a 6 hour drive and I left Friday morning.  I was nervous as all hell and I honestly knew that I would be a minority there. I'm not a parenting blogger as I have no kids.  I am basically a lifestyle blogger and I knew that most attendees would be either mommy bloggers, home school bloggers, travel bloggers, and food bloggers.   I also knew that most everyone was bringing their family along to have fun at Cedar Point Amusement Park. Still, I sucked it up.  

When I arrived my room was gorgeous...except for the view.  Of course I was facing the parking lot...well, I would have been but there was a tiny top level maintenance area OF COURSE right outside my window.  So yea, this was my view...
 But it could always be worse I guess.  So the first few hours were very awkward. I went to my room and did some blog work and waited for 5 pm when it was time to pick up the registration badges and swag bag. 

A Swag Bag on a bed in Hotel Breakers at Bloggy Con 2018

 I arrived early hoping to get some sun on the beach since all week the weather said it would be sunny.  But when I got there it was very muggy, foggy, and overcast.  Oh well. 

A view of the beach and outside lounge area at Hotel Breakers at Cedar Point, Sandusky, Ohio
Halloween decor in the lobby of Hotel Breakers for Halloweekend at Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio
 I wandered around the hotel looking at the Halloween themed decor since it's the beginning of Halloweekends at the park. 

 It actually did get a little sunny in the evening.
A bacon cheeseburger with french fries
 At 6 I went to TGIFriday's at the resort and got a burger.  Then I walked around the park.

 I was in such a funk. I was so bored and so down on myself since I was there all alone. So I sat at the bar in the evening and posted to the conference Facebook group asking if anyone else was there alone.  And bam - 2 ladies (Robin from Junk Journal and Leslie from Mainstream Momma) responded and came down and me at the hotel bar for drinks!
We had a blast chatting for a couple of hours and then went back to our rooms for bed. 

 The next morning was the official first day of the conference and at 8 am we had to meet for breakfast and opening remarks.  I ran into 2 ladies (Angela from Extra Grace Required and Adeina from Creative Lifestyles with Adeina) and ended up sitting at the table with one of them and my friends from the bar. 

 I learned a lot but interestingly enough, each speaker had opposite advice on different topics.  That brought me to the conclusion of something I always thought...blogging is not black and white. What works for some won't work for others. I loved getting all the new info and tips!

Then I enjoyed an hour of sun on the beach FINALLY and headed to dinner with some of the other solo ladies at the conference. We had hibachi and it was delicious! Then a couple of us went outside to enjoy the beach and get drinks.

Sunset over Hotel Breakers at Cedar Point, Sandusky, Ohio

I actually left Sunday morning and skipped the last 2 sessions of the conference because I just wanted to be back home with my pups and my hubby and honestly I was exhausted.  I really did have a fun time and was glad I took the first step to meet up with some people and show myself I wasn't the only one in my situation. 

Do you like traveling solo to conferences or are you a homebody like me?


  1. I'm a homebody. I haven't been to cedar point in years.

    1. It was a really nice place I just don't really enjoy amusement park rides, lol!

  2. Damn!! I wish I had known about this! I am only an hour and a half away from Cedar Point and I could have gone and met you there!! I didn't even know about this! I am a home body too but I have gone to conferences "solo" (sort of, because I knew people once I got there)......I would have enjoyed this because it WASN'T in the pet niche and I would have met all new people and I would have FINALLY met YOU! If they have it at the same place next year, please let me know!!

    1. They have it there every year! I posted a few times on my Facebook about it but I know how it gets lost in the mix ,trust me lol! Isn't there a pet blogger conference near you?

  3. I typically go to blog conference by myself as well, but I enjoy the alone time, lol. Looks like you had a great time!

    1. I did! I normally enjoy alone time too I was just very limited to what I could do since it was on a resort so there were only so many places to go and a lot of them didn't open till later on the 1st day so I had no idea what in the heck to do with myself lol.

  4. Hey Girl! It was so nice to meet you at BloggyCon! I wish we had chatted more. I was able to stay on Sunday and get a few more rays. :-) Keep on blogging!

    1. Ah I'm jealous lol!! As soon as I got home I sat out on my patio to catch a few rays. LOL you and are I so similar that way :) I look forward to keeping in touch!


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