5 Reasons to Look Forward to Fall

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Ahh Fall is right around the corner and I'm ecstatic about it. But I know that there are some people out there that aren't yet ready to embrace it.

The Weather
That cool crisp air that soothes your skin when the wind blows, all while the sun still keeps you warm when you sit under it.  You can't go wrong with Fall weather.  Even on the warm days there is generally a breeze.  Oh, and no more humidity means no more frizzy hair, am I right ladies?!  Fall is the season of no sweat for me!

The Colors
The sunsets and sunrises are always more colorful and warm and the colors of the leaves and flowers (mums!) are just stunning.  I swear everything looks a different hue in Autumn.  And the colors for clothing are set to match the Fall colors you find outside your home.   Plus Fall d├ęcor is SO fun and I feel like it brings me joy just decorating with pumpkins and planting mums in my flower pots.

The Fashion
I love boots and skinny jeans and layering with jackets so Fall is definitely my time of the year! Sweater dresses and leggings are everywhere and no matter what you wear, you can totally go for a cozy and fashionable look!   I love the denim jackets and leather jackets and all the wedge boots.  I think my Fall wardrobe is what makes up most of my closet, actually.

The Smell
There is definitely a different smell in the air during Fall.  The leaves smell, the camp fires smell, the pumpkin smells, and basically it puts me in a GREAT mood!!! And of course when Thanksgiving rolls around you have the amazing smells of the kitchen.

What do you love about Fall?

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  1. I love fall fashion. I'm also looking forward to going to the apple orchards and pumpkin patches with my daughter.



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