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Thursday, September 27, 2018

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You know how it is.... you come home from a horrendous day at work where you feel like you've been holding the tears back all day.  You just want to collapse, and when you do, your best furry friend is there to greet you.  Magically, you feel all better.

Do you ever just totally feel like your rescue animal actually rescued you?  You found them but they also found you. Today I want to introduce you to Found My Animal. They offer a line of leashes, collars, harnesses, and a few extra accessories that promote their message. 

Their Story
Found My Animal promotes animal adoption in a very direct way by letting you ad your pet wear your values. They started with their first three-strand, hand-spliced and whipped rope leash for their rescue pups back in 2006. Everyone loved the leash so they figured why not make more to share with everyone else.  With a passion for animals, animal welfare, and an eye for good design - Found My Animal was started.  

My Story
So when it comes to rescue and adoption I always tell Rocky's story.  Rocky was 7 years old when I found him.  He actually was running loose in my parents' neighborhood and found his way into their yard.  My mom called me and asked if I could keep him at my house until they looked around for an owner.  A couple days went by until they finally figured out that Rocky belonged to an elderly couple down the street.  Apparently he ran off after his bath and he didn't have his collar on. 

By this time I was kind of attached to the idea of keeping him but I was planning to give him back to his owners.  My mom went down to their house to tell them I had him and show them a picture of me with my 3 Chihuahuas because how ironic is it that of all yards to wander in to, Rocky chose the parents of a Chihuahua lover/owner.

The elderly man told my mom that his health and his wife's health was failing and they actually were considering rehoming their dogs in the next few months (he is in failing health now and his wife passed away about a year after I took Rocky) but he believes in signs and would like to give me the option to keep Rocky since he knows he'd go to a great home.  Rocky wasn't neutered but he seemed to be loved and cared for.  I can't imagine him going to a shelter or to any other home so of course I took him as mine! I got him neutered, got his teeth cleaned, got a full vet work up, and kept his original name.  Rocky was already a happy dog but he lived in a home with multiple BIG dogs so I think sometimes he got ignored.  He is now spoiled and the center of attention and something changed in me when I decided to adopt him as my own.  We have such a strong bond and maybe it's because he's my only male dog and he's more affectionate than the females but either way I love him so darn much.

When he turned 11 he was diagnosed with a heart murmur, enlarged heart, and Mitral Valve Disease. We caught it so early that with 2 heart check ups a year, and 2 medications, his heart shrunk back to almost normal size and he's been thriving ever since.  He's 14 now but looks and acts like a puppy.  The heart doctor and my regular vet both call him a little miracle.  I love him so so much!

Their Products
Now back to Found My Animal, this is the Leather Alternative Dog Leash in orange. It is so impressively strong!! I love the color and it sends a strong message.   I use it on all of my dogs but I especially love bringing it with me when Stella and Pixie do pet therapy because everyone asks what the bright orange leash means.  This is my chance to tell them about the brand's mission, my story, and hear them tell me their story.  You would be surprised how many people have a rescue dog or if they don't they tell me that my therapy visits rescue them from their mundane life.  Either way it's a win/win!

This leash is perfect in all types of weather and has really nice brass hardware.  It has a really easy to open carabiner that has the option to screw on for additional safety if you have a bigger dog or a dog that tends to try and break loose. The webbing is completely waterproof and so strong. And it's so easy to clean! I just wipe it down with a cloth.  Each leash comes with a little flag that says FOUND to celebrate the fact that you and your pet have found each other.

What I really love about their selection of leashes are the different colors.  I am especially obsessed with the rainbow and mermaid type colors! 

What leash is your favorite??? Remember, Christmas is coming up and what better gift to stuff in your pet's stocking than a gorgeous new leash with a great message behind it!?

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  1. Sounds like an amazing company.


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