6 Fall Fashion Staples

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Fall is my favorite time of year not just because of the weather but because the fashion is so fun!! As you prepare your wardrobe for Fall make sure you have these 6 Fall fashion staples in your closet!

You can't go wrong with flannel. It looks great buttoned up with skinny jeans and boots or even worn open with a small belt over leggings or jeans with flats.  Flannels look adorable but they also make you feel comfy and cozy and they seem to look great in any picture you take outside.  The best part is, if it gets too warm for you, just tie it around your waist!

Slouchy Sweater Top
These always look nice with leggings and they can be super comfortable too. I love the slouchy look especially with Fall activities like lounging around a fire, cozying up at a football game, or touring an orchard. And of course boots and booties look great with these types of tops.

Light Jacket
Light jackets are great for layering but also practical because they can keep you warm as it gets chillier towards the evening.  You don't even have to button or zip them up. And another bonus is that you can easily find a cute one at your local thrift store like I always do.  They usually come in neutral colors which means they'll go with anything!

Mini Backpack
A mini backpack is very practical in that it frees up your hands and shoulders but it still carries all your stuff with you. It's especially important for Fall activities like sports games, hikes, outdoor parties, and even just running errands where you don't want to lug a heavy purse around.

Sweater Dress
A sweater dress is a must for Fall events. It can easily dress up or down.  I like to wear mine with leggings and tall boots and sometimes a belt.  If you want a more casual look you can wear it over skinny jeans and booties.  Sweater dresses definitely keep you warm at night.

Striped Cardigans
Striped cardigans are great for layering especially if you get lightweight ones.  They can be worn over a tight fitting top and under a light jacket (as mentioned above) and they look super cute belted! Stripes are a fun way to add some spice to the neutral and earthy tones of Fall fashion.

What items do you need to add to your wardrobe for Fall?

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  1. I love a good basic long sleeve for fall.



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