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Friday, September 28, 2018

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A couple weeks back I shared with you my first thoughts about Only Natural Pet Food from Chewy. With all natural ingredients and nothing that would irritate and make my dogs sensitive I've been super excited to see how they do.  Pixie and Rocky were my main testers for this challenge.  So what changes have I noticed with their progress on this new diet? Well...

There is  A LOT less fur floating around my home.  Weird, right? I didn't realize how much they shed until they stopped.  I think what they ate before may have had some grains they were sensitive too.  Rocky always had little furs left behind whenever he got done snuggling on my lap but now I see hardly any hair left behind from him.  

Less Licking
Pixie did this thing where she would obsessively lick her paws.  It was such an obnoxious noise and I used to shout for her to stop.  Of course she'd ignore me.  But since feeding Only Natural Pet Food to her and Rocky, she hasn't been licking hardly at all. 

Full Bellies
So Pixie is notorious for waking me up at 5:30 am on the dot crying and whining for food.  And at about 3:00 pm she'll start doing the same thing no matter how much I ignore her.  I felt like she was ALWAYS hungry.  Ever since feeding this food she's been a lot more satisfied and hasn't acted like she's starving.  I think there is a great protein content for her and it fills her right up.  Finally, I have some peace and quiet in the morning!

Happy Bellies
Maybe it's because they're both getting older (Pixie is 13 and Rocky is 14) or maybe it was because of a poor diet, but Pixie and Rocky were notorious for getting little tummy bugs where they had the runs for a few days.  I would then have to give them beef and rice or chicken and rice for a few days till it cleared up.  That hasn't happened since feeding Only Natural Pet food.  Thank goodness!!!!  I am really hoping it stays like this because I worry so much when my babies don't feel well.

I am super impressed with this food so far so check back in a couple more weeks when I give you my final thoughts! 

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  1. That awesome the food helped with there fur.


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