Post Summer Clean Up Around the House with Mean Green

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

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Summer time is gone and Fall is here and eventually the cold icky weather will be too.  So that means it's time for me to clean and close up parts of my home and yard for the season.   It may seem easy enough to just move stuff inside but it's a MUCH better idea to clean everything so that you have less to clean when Spring arrives again and because it's never a good idea to store dirty stuff. So check out how I'm using my Mean Green products to help me get the job done.

Patio Furniture
It will soon be time to store the outdoor patio furniture away in the sun porch so that it can't be harmed by the harsh winter weather.  That means everything needs a good scrub down.  That's where I love using Mean Green Orange Champ on all the furniture and outdoor stuff. 

Something about the smell reminds me of the fun I had all summer long on the patio.   Because there was lots of rain and dirt and wind, I always clean my furniture before I store it because who wants to bring all that dirt inside the porch.  It's especially useful on the white plastic table and chairs.  I will keep them outside but stacked against the garage, under the roof and still on the patio.

Grilling is fun but only when the weather's nice so the grill will get a nice cleaning inside and out before it's stored away for the rest of the year.  That's where Mean Green Super Strength Multi-Purpose Cleaner comes in handy. I love watching it wipe away the grease in a few swipes.

The cover will then go on the grill and all the grilling tools will be stored in the kitchen until it's time to  break them out for burgers in the Spring.

Outside Glass
I hate dirty glass even outside on the porch so I always give a really good cleaning to the glass surfaces of the tables on the porch and patio.  I again use Mean Green Super Strength Multi-Purpose Cleaner because it cuts through the grease and grime and leaves everything sparkling clean.  Never store items on your glass furniture without cleaning it first because you never know what debris is there that could scratch the glass.

Garbage Cans, Storage, and Doors
These 3 places outside my home get a lot of use in the Summer so it only makes sense to clean them well.  The garbage cans get a good spray with the hose inside and I clean them on the outside with Mean Green Orange Champ.  It cuts through all the...whatever it is... all over the cans.

We have a storage container on the patio that I scrub top to bottom inside and out before I put the pool accessories away for the season.  It's left smelling great and shining bright.

The doors to our home get filthy from us going in and out constantly especially when we're entertaining so I make sure they get a thorough wipe down especially in the areas where there are darker stains from all the fingers touching them.

So I  hope you will add cleaning your outdoor items to your to do list this year as you prepare your home for the changing of the seasons.  And be sure to stock up on Mean Green for all your home cleaning needs!  


  1. So going to have to check this cleaning products out.

    1. They're so great and there's such a variety of products in their line!


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