Meet the Houseplants of My Home

Monday, September 10, 2018

For the longest time I've had fake houseplants thinking that it was less hassle but actually, they get dusty and don't look as bright and welcoming as the real thing.  While I still have a few faux succulents, I have tried to embrace my green thumb despite the lack of natural light that comes into my home. 

I needed low maintenance plants that don't need bright light but still look nice.  So here are my green babies.

Dracaena Marginata aka Dragon Tree
I loved these as soon as I saw them because I love the size of their trunk and the style of their leaves. It can go great as a floor plant or up on a table. I decided to style mine both ways. 

Since they don't require direct sun I knew they would be fine in my home because we do get enough indirect sunlight at certain times of the days.

These are also low maintenance with water and can be watered every 2 weeks. Works for me!  I also made sure to set up a nice draining system by putting a layer of stone in the bottom of the pot, then the soil, then covered it with stone so I can't get any of those annoying fungus gnats!

Sansevieria aka Snake Plant
This is a fun and funky looking plant that can grow anywhere.  It does well with all types of the light that gets in my home and I only have to water it every 2 week.   I really love the look of this plant as it's very boho and the coloring is unique.  I also love that it grows straight up so you can even fit in a narrow spot.  Apparently it's also known as Mother in Law's tongue.  Uhhhh....

The tall bamboo plant I have has been with me since I was 22.  I'm now 32.  That's 10 years with a plant! And somehow it's thrived even when it had no light.  I'm so attached to this plant.  I decided to add 2 more.  A medium sized bamboo plant and a little one.  They are pretty tolerant of my neglect.

I water them maybe once a week and other than that there's really no maintenance besides pulling off any yellowed leaves over time. 

This guy is another easy one that barely needs any light.  It seems the artificial light in my dining room is enough for him and I only water him every 2 weeks if that.  I love the pink color though! These are nice accent plants. As you can see, it looks awesome in the middle of my bar cart!  

I think I want to get a fig tree next! What plants do you have in your home? Any tips for mine?


  1. Your plants look amazing ! i have a small collection myself, they are a key element to make a house a home :)

    1. Thank you! isn't it amazing how it improves the look and feel of a room?

  2. I have a bamboo plants. I have had it 14 month now.

  3. Wow you actually have all plants that I do NOT have! I had a small bamboo once years ago but it died...amazing, since I'm pretty good with plants. I suggest you pick up a Pothos - they are the easiest plants for low light. I have a bunch of them, that were all started from one little plant years ago. I have some that are just cuttings growing in water, which is how you root them and make a new plant, but you can also leave them in water forever! I'm telling you - easiest plant ever.

    1. I have been seeing a lot of ppl suggesting pothos all over Instagram under photos of plants so I'm def gonna check it out! That would be perfect for my house! Thanks Debbie!

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