Top Tips For Finding Your Blogging Niche And Making Money

Saturday, September 29, 2018

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In the modern digital age, the key to success seems to lie firmly with one quality: authenticity. Audiences are increasingly seeking out voices whose values and integrity align with their own, and bloggers are uniquely positioned to benefit from this. As most start out as hobbyists with a motivating passion for their subject matter, there is automatically an advantage there. Because the key to making money from blogging is to find a niche and a unique voice in order to effectively monetize. Above all, you must be specific in your chosen field - anything too broad and you are unlikely to stand out and be able to compete for domain authority, links and keywords. But go too specific and you risk not finding an audience at all. Instead, aim to find a unique angle on a topic of broader interest - like fashion but from the perspective of someone with a disability or relationships viewed through the lens of a particular faith, like Muslim Marriage. It is in these combinations that the right balance of uniqueness and general interest can be found.

Find Your Passion
The first step is to find something that you love to write about. It's a topic you’ll need to sustain interest and generate new ideas from long after the initial buzz of designing themes and registering a domain name had gone, so it pays to make sure that rather than a flavour of the month, your niche is a true alignment with your interests and personal values. You don't have to be an expert, as the learning process will provide fuel for posts in itself. You just have to be excited and willing to communicate. If you feel unsure about a topic, trust your instinct. If you can't think of at least ten post ideas off the top of your head, it may not be the one for you.

Research The Market
If you want your blog to make money, you need an audience. So make sure they’re out there before you begin. Google Trends is a great tool to gauge interest in your topic and find out what keywords people are using to connect and find information. You’ll also be able to see if interest is stable, growing or declining over time. Avoid the latter if you want a blogging business with growth potential. You need to ensure a big enough audience to drive interest and engagement in your blog for years ahead.

Check The Profitability
In order to make money from blogging, you need to ensure the profitability of your niche before you invest in developing your resources. Check to see if brands are using your keywords to advertise and gauge the size of the market. If advertising money is being spent on your niche, it gives you the greenlight to proceed knowing that there is demand out there for collaborations, selling affiliate links, sponsored posts and selling ad space. Sign up to Amazon’s affiliate programme to start generating revenue in your area.

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