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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

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You may remember some of my Chewy 30 Day Challenge posts from the past where over a period of 30 days, my dogs try a new food from Chewy and I give my thoughts on it.  Well, there's a new food for them to try and today I want to introduce you to it!

The brand is Only Natural Pet and the food is Raw Nibs. They make this food for dogs and cats, by the way! Now, you may have heard of a raw or freeze-dried dehydrated diet before but that can be a lot of work.  While it's great for pets because it improves digestion, reduces symptoms of allergies, and gives your pet healthier skin, it's very time consuming to prepare. 

The great thing about Raw Nibs is that it's already been prepared for your pet and you can feed it as a complete meal or even just sprinkling it on top of their existing food. The ingredients are minimally processed and it's ideal for pets with allergies and even picky eaters (I'm looking at you Mr. Rocky!).   

So my initial thoughts were that I'm pretty impressed with this food!

It comes in a nice attractively packaged bag and the kibble looks appetizing and safe for my dogs' tiny mouths since it's definitely bite sized! The fact that there's raw organic goat's milk in here is also very impressive.  There are no grains and the bag is resealable which makes this super easy on me. No prep and easy storage is a huge relief!  There are lots of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals in this food so I know my dogs are getting what they need.  There are even probiotics and the protein is highly digestible.  Pixie has struggled a lot lately with a sensitive belly so I am really excited to see how she does on this.  I think Rocky will really enjoy it too!

Check back in a couple of weeks to see how my gang is doing on their new food!

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  1. We did a raw food diet with our dogs but it became to much work. Specially since I was pregnant at the time. So going to check this brand out.


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