3 Ways To Revamp Your Home

Thursday, February 28, 2019

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3 Ways To Revamp Your Home

So there you are, scrolling through your Instagram feed and you are double tapping all the beautiful home decor photos with envy.  You just wish you could glam up your house a bit so it looks even remotely like your favorite home decor blogger's house right? Well, guess what?! It's not all that hard to do it.  Today I'm sharing 3 ways to revamp your home that are tried and true... and yes, I've done all of them! 

Wall Decor 

Adding the right kind of wall decor in the right places in your home can make a HUGE difference.  There are different types of wall decor that I like to use around my home. 

Wall Decals
I have wall decals in almost every room of my home and they're perfect on a big or small scale. 

When using large decals it can transform an entire room by become a main focal point and setting a theme.  I love relaxing Buddha type decor so I chose these decals and used an actual canvas painting in between them!

Gallery Wall
If you have seen my post on how to create a gallery wall, you'll know that it's a great addition to an otherwise useless wall like an office wall, a stairway, etc. A gallery wall is a great way to utilize a wide assortment of different photos, art, or sayings in different frames and hang them in a manner that fits and looks and feels great to you.  I absolutely love gallery walls and they're so easy to DIY with a few cheap materials. 
3D Wall Art
3D wall art is great because it gives some texture and dimension to an otherwise boring and flat wall.  I love 3D wall art in entryways and over centerpieces like a fireplace or an archway. And for some reason 3D wall art looks expensive even though you can find it at bargain prices or even make it yourself.  

Textured Accents
By textured accents I  mean throw blankets and throw pillows in bright fun colors, different materials and textures, and awesome shapes. 

I love throw pillow so much that I stack them all over the different rooms of my house and the dogs love them too...obviously. 

Adding faux fur throws to tables and strung over sofas and ottomans add so much funk and style to your home.  And when it comes to throw pillows just mix and match them in different shapes, colors, and patterns.  

Window Treatments
Window treatments can make a HUGE difference in your home.  If the windows in your room don't have anything on or around them, they really should.   Our house is older so some things were outdated, especially the windows and window treatments.  We are likely going to invest in new windows this year but until then we're just focusing on the blinds, curtains, and drapery.  

And so when Chicology contacted me for a collaboration I was ecstatic.  They have a great selection of window treatments whether it's traditional blinds or modern cellularshades.  

The office, master bedroom, master bathroom, and my spare bedroom were in desperate need of something new aside from the ratty old pull down blind that half the time snaps back up and scares the crap out of me when I go to open it! 

So take a look at what a difference the Morning Mist Cellular Shades from Chicology made in the different rooms of our home! 

See how much nicer it looks?
Before and After above.

These allow natural light to come in but keep the temperatures at bay and illuminate the room while still giving us privacy.

If you're looking for an affordable, quality, and easy to install option, I highly recommend Chicology! 

What ways do you revamp your home when you want to change things up? 

3 Ways To Revamp Your Home

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