How To Dress Stylish for Messy Weather

Monday, February 18, 2019

How To Dress Stylish for Messy Weather

In Pennsylvania, we get ALL FOUR SEASONS which means even when you want to look good, the weather can make you miserable trying to do so.   We get everything from wind so strong it nearly pushes you across a city street, sleet that makes it dangerous to even walk outside to get the mail, and snow so obnoxious you don't even care what you look like when you leave the house for the day.  

It can be super frustrating but it really doesn't have to.  If you follow these few tips you can master the art of dressing for the weather while feeling comfortable and looking great. 

Ahh, my least favorite not just because it can be chilly but because a windy day can totally mess up your hair.  
||Wear your hair up in a top knot bun so the wind can't really affect it. 
|| Wear layers.  A vest over a cardigan over a long sleeved shirt.  || || Accessorize with scarves. They are perfect to bundle around your neck and chest when you go outside, and then you can either take them off inside or continue to wear them with your outfit.  

Rain doesn't just affect your hair if you don't have an umbrella, oh no.  It can also destroy your pants and shoes if you step in puddles or you're lucky enough to be caught in a storm where it's quite literally raining sideways. 
|| Wear rainboots! They are fashionable and will keep your feet and socks and even your pant legs dry.  This is also a crucial tip if you're at any kind of outdoor even where it's rainy and there is mud and grass nearby.  
|| Wear a jacket.  Sometimes I get hot when it rains in the spring.  I want to be covered when I'm outside but once I get inside, I want to cool off so I always wear a jacket that goes with my outfit but can be taken off and set aside. 

When it comes to snow - you need to bundle up but wear practical items that can withstand water. 
|| Bundle up! I wear tall boots to keep my legs warm and a nice jacket when I have to go outside of my house or office. 
|| Layers are your friend. You can strip layers when you want to cool off inside after you're rushing around working up a sweat in your heavy winter coat but you can also put the layers back on if you feel uncomfortable. 

When it comes to ice and slush - winter boots are your best friend! 
|| Find fashionable but practical duck boots and wear them anytime the weather is iffy.  They'll keep you from an embarrassing slip. 
|| A fashionable hat is perfect because when it's icy out it's generally pretty darn cold.  Don't worry about your hair, because a good winter hat will look cute even as your shopping for groceries! 
|| A scarf is a must have because again, it's probably pretty cold and gloves are also important to keep your digits toasty! 

How To Dress Stylish for Messy Weather

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  1. Cute outfits, Ellen! I work at a ski resort so apres ski clothes are my office clothes!!

  2. Super cute outfits for the cold weather.


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