How To Celebrate Love Your Pet Day on February 20th

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

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How To Celebrate Love Your Pet Day

YES! There's a national holiday for celebrating the love (obsession) you have for your pets.  So it's totally acceptable to be a crazy Chihuahua lady like I am or cancel plans to stay home and cuddle with your pets!

So I decided to put together a few fun ways to celebrate Love Your Pet Day today! 

Take a Walk or Lounge Outside 

So obviously the weather in February may not be ideal where you live, but it's okay because you have options.  If it's nice out, take a long walk or visit a dog park with your pooch so he can stretch his legs and enjoy some quality active time with you.  If it's cold out or you have a cat or other fur baby, just lounge outside on the porch or near a window where you can observe a nice view. 

Who doesn't love snuggling? So what better excuse than National Love Your Pet Day to lay down on the couch and relax with your fur baby.  Pop in a movie, open a book, or just take a nap.  Our pets LOVE spending time being up close and personal with us so take the time out from your hectic day, even just for 5 minutes, to snuggle with your baby.  

Play with Toys
Whatever toy your pet loves, whether it's a jingly ball, a piece of string (you know how cats are), or a tennis ball - play fetch or catch or whatever you want with your baby.  Our lives are so busy anymore that we tend to not take the time to get down on the floor and actually interact with our pets.  Stop that right now and start making the extra effort.  Trust me, you will NEVER regret it.  

Whether it's a nice brushing (if they enjoy it), or clipping their nails (they do feel better when their nails aren't ridiculously long and getting caught in the carpet), make sure you take some time to make your pet look and feel good.  

Feed a Hearty Meal
Make sure you spoil them EVERYDAY with a decent food that gives them nutrients that they need and a great taste.  My gang LOVES Blue Buffalo Homestyle Recipes Toy Breed Chicken from Chewy.  I give it to them everyday with a bit of dry kibble mixed into it.  It's got real deboned chicken and hearty whole grains like brown rice and barley.  There are veggies like carrots, sweet potatoes, and fruits like blueberries and cranberries.  It's always crucial to feed your pet a great quality food that helps boost their immune system and supports health every day of their life.  They depend on you to take good care of them so they live a long and happy life and you shouldn't skimp out on that when it comes to food!

How are you going to celebrate National Love Your Pet Day today?!

How To Celebrate Love Your Pet Day

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  1. Your puppy are so cute.


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