5 Keys To Taking Care of Your Dog's Dental Health

Thursday, February 28, 2019

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5 Keys to Taking Care of Your Dog's Oral Health

Dental health is EXTREMELY important for both humans and pets.   There are certain breeds of dogs (the smaller ones) that need even more dental maintenance than other breeds because of how tiny their teeth are.  And dental health and heart health are interconnected.  I am always advocating for pets and trying to educate owners on how to keep their dental health a priority.  So of course my blog is no different and today I'm going to tell you about 5 keys to taking care of your dog's dental health. 

Miss Stella after a cleaning, all doped up

Regular Dental Cleanings
Yes, they can be pricey but getting it done at least 2-3 times in your dog's lifetime is well worth it.  At a dental cleaning, your vet will remove any loose or rotten teeth and do a full cleaning to remove plaque.  It's super important to get this done because it can help prevent or identify some major oral hygeine issues and who doesn't love a dog with fresh breath after a dental cleaning? 

Each of my dogs has had this done a few times so far.  I put money aside every paycheck to ensure I'm able to do it. 

Dental Chews
I like VetriScience Perio Plus Everyday Dental Sticks from Chewy for my gang.  Dental chews and dental sticks (as long as they aren't made out of dangerous ingredients) are great to promote chewing and dental cleansing as well as plaque and tartar control.  The inner layer of the VetriScience Dental Chews have ingredients to support gum tissue integrity and other oral health aspects thanks to their cranberry, taurine, and natural zeolites.  There are also healthy enzymes like Q10 CoEnzyme that help with proper function of the heart but as pets age the levels decrease so the fact that they have this as a supplement in these is a big deal! I give my dogs one of these a week. 

Feed the Right Food
Always look for a food that has real whole ingredients and not by products. And while sometimes wet food is more enjoyable for your dog, make sure to still include dry kibble as it's good to chip away all the junk stuck in their teeth when they chew it.  You can even mix some water in with their hard kibble to soften it for them. 

Brush Teeth in Between
I know it sounds like a pain, but if you start brushing your dogs teeth at a young age they'll be nice and used to it their entire life.  I use a tiny finger brush and a simple chicken flavored dog toothpaste to do my pack's teeth once a week.  That, with the dental chews makes me feel much better about my maintenance of their teeth. 

Regular Vet Checkups
It's always important to see your vet at least once a year for a standard check up for each dog you own.  This is the time where your vet can check their heart and their teeth and give you advice on any steps you need to take towards better oral health for them.  

What steps do you take to take care of your dog's oral health? 

5 Keys To Taking Care of Your Dog's Dental Health

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  1. I used to be good with brushing my dog's teeth until we had to brush our daughter's teeth. Ugh I feel terrible admitting it! We have also taken the dog for a dental cleaning but it is very pricey. We have usually done it when we were boarding her for a trip or something as they have to put her under to do it.

    1. Dude it's sooo hard to remember. People will be like how can someone not do it everyday? Because it's a hassle sometimes duh!! The dental cleanings are def expensive. each of my dogs have gotten them done at least twice in their life.


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