How I Dress for Date Night

Friday, February 22, 2019

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So we have a tradition every month where we go out to dinner for date night.  It guarantees us an excuse to get out but still is budget friendly since we only do it once a month.  Cool beans, but what am I doing a blog post about it? Well, because people always ask what they should wear or how they should dress for a date night so I figured I'd explain how I figure it out.
The first thing you have to do is ask yourself if where you're going calls for a dress or if you can just wear some nice slacks or dark jeans.  For me, this time it was jeans which gives me a lot of options for boots and tops.  Plus, it was super cold out on our last date night so I was glad to be wearing something that covered my legs completely.  

You can sit in front of your closet for an hour and freak out over what to wear and what looks go with what or you can do it the simple way like me and start with what KIND of outfit you'll wear.  

Once you get that nailed down you can then move on to what color you want to wear on top (if you're wearing pants) and then pick your shoes out.  


Style Your Hair
I promise if you want to have a really good night out where you feel gorgeous - you will want to do something different than usual with your hair.  When you do something different with your hair it really boosts your confidence.  For me, it's adding some waves with a curling wand.   If you normally wear your hair straight, add some wave.  If you always wear it down, wear it up.  If you wear it up all the time, wear it down for date night. 

The fun part of your outfit for a special occassion is the accessories.  And there's an easy formula with deciding what to wear when it comes to jewelry.  Match your jewelry to your top.  My top for our most recent date night was the warm blue color and so I decided I'd accessorize with earrings. 
These are the Fringe Frenzy Earrings from Green Orchyd which is  a fair trade company that offers a line of jewelry hand crafted at an artisan cooperative in India.  These earrings are perfect for my wardrobe because they have so many blue/green colors and shades I can wear them with so many different tops.  I love how lightweight they are too. 

Accessories also include the clutch or handbag you wear and even the scarf or jacket you wear.   Have fun with it.  Wear something you are always too nervous to wear from your closet. 

How do you get ready for date night?

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  1. I haven't been on a date night in years.

  2. I love your earrings. That shade of blue looks lovely on you.


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