40 Budget Friendly Date Night Ideas

Thursday, February 7, 2019

40 Budget Friendly Date Night Ideas

No matter how busy or frugal your life is, you MUST always allow time to plan date nights for you and your spouse.  It's important to get some time to yourselves to decompress and get out and about.  But the problem is, a lot of us don't want to spend a ton of money on fancy date nights every other weekend.  So I've put together a list of 40 budget friendly date night ideas for you to choose from! 

1. Go to the drive-in's where you can enjoy the comfort of your own car AND your own food. 
2. Go bowling.  
3. Enjoy a nature hike at a local park.
4. Find a karaoke night at a bar near you. 
5. Attend free art exhibits in your own town. 
6. Play a board game just like the good ol' days. 
7. Get a coffee and lounge around in a local bookstore. 
8. Rollerskating or ice skating. 
9. Go on a long walk, jog, or bike ride. 
10. Go fishing.
11. Test drive a car!
12. Watch the sunset. 
13. Go to a local venue to attend a stand up comedy show.  
14. Make and eat homemade pizza.
15. Play yard games in your backyard while sipping drinks. 
16. Binge watch something on Netflix. 
17. Try a yoga class.
18. Try a wall climbing class. 
19. Have a 2 person BBQ in your own backyard. 
20. Use Groupon to find and book a couples spa day. 
21. Find free concerts in your area. 
22. Tour the historical sites around your area. 
23. Get happy hour drinks and appetizers. 
24. Go for a wine or beer tasting. 
25. Work on a DIY project. 
26. Volunteer at an animal shelter together. 
27. Visit a local orchard to pick your own produce. 
28. Rent a kayak or canoe. 
29. Go bird-watching at your local park or even in your own backyard. 
30. Work on a puzzle. 
31. Play video games.
32. Have a bonfire in your yard (if your area allows it). 
33. Go to local yard sales. 
34. Stargaze in your own backyard or at a local lookout spot. 
35. Attend a live music show at a local coffee shop. 
36. Play pool. 
37. Go tubing in a local creek. 
38. If it's Christmas, go look at light displays and if it's Halloween, carve pumpkins together.
39. Make your own cheeseboard at home. 
40. Go to a local farm and visit the animals. 

See? There are a lot of great ideas of things you can do on a date night without breaking the bank. 

40 Budget Friendly Date Night Ideas

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  1. Thanks for these idea. I haven't gone on a date night in a long time.


  2. Super cute ideas, Ellen! Sweetie and I try to have date night twice a week, where he takes me out to dinner....the rest of the week I cook for him - the arrangement has worked well for us for the past 8+ years!

    1. Thanks Debbie!!! That's such a cool little arrangement you guys have! i love it!


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