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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

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Ah, the weather outside is...unpredictable!  Sometimes it snows, sometimes it rains, and sometimes it sleets.  Lately, it's been all over the place all in one week.  

I don't know about you but I don't like sacrificing comfort for beauty..... and I don't like sacrificing practicality for beauty either, which is why I love Nomad Footwear.

Nomad Footwear has an amazing line of shoes and boots that are stylish, comfortable, and practical for all sorts of weather! The thing I love about their boots is that when I just need to keep my feet, pants, and socks dry, I can slip these on and still look cute whether I'm going to work or just running errands. 

 It's great because they boots allow you to move and don't make you walk like you're a robot with stiff legs.  I have worn boots before that were so stiff and bulky that they made my feet and legs tired after walking in them.  But not with these.
 All I had to do was go down my walkway and these did the trick.  Obviously, you shouldn't go trekking through the woods in them but if you need to get around to get to work or even if you're in your yard during a rainstorm you will want to put these on!  If they get dirty, you just hose the outside off carefully and they're back in business for you.
 These boots are real rubber with a knit lining.  I'm telling you - every woman should own at least one pair of rubber boots.

These are the Hurricane III in Matte Berry and I love the color as well as how they fit.  

I have snow boots but sometimes I want something a bit more light and these are perfect for that because they'll still keep my feet dry when I'm making my way through a parking lot and they have really great tread on the bottom which is important in ANY boot.  They're SO comfortable on my feet too! 

Who knew being a responsible adult could be so fun!? 

Now.. if you head over to my Instagram post you can enter the giveaway and you can possibly win one pair of the boots of your choice!! The giveaway ends Wednesday, February 27th at 11:59 PM est and the winner will be announced on my Instagram so head over now! 

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