How To Style A Master Bedroom

Monday, February 11, 2019

How To Style A Master Bedroom

Ah, the master bedroom.  The place where you go to relax and rest your head after a long and hectic day.  But what happens when your master bedroom is a source of chaos and stress because you have limited space and feel cramped but also have issues with making it look nice? Well, I'm going to explain to you how to style a basic master bedroom so you have plenty of space and a relaxed environment so you can get your best night's sleep. 

Master bedroom decor can be really fun because it's how you really show off your style.  For ours, we chose to do a gallery wall after our wedding.  We have the guestbook hanging up, some photos from our big day, and some miscellaneous pieces.  

For colors, keep any paint on the wall a serene color and if you want to add pops of color just pick 2 or 3 different colors.

Furniture Layout
Furniture should be minimal in the master bedroom.  Ideally, you should just have your bed, two side tables, and a dresser.  If you have 2 dressers, try to pare down to one or if you have a walk in closet, put the other dresser in there.  You want a nice simple flow so that you can walk around your bed without knocking into things and feeling cramped. 

Some people choose to put an area rug in their bedroom which helps add comfort over hardwood floors as well as a pop of style.  On the bedside tables, keep items to a minimum.  Try just having a lamp, phone (when charging), and tissue box.  

If you have a TV, fit it on top of the dresser or use a wall mount to take up even less surface space. 

The reason to keep a simple furniture layout is that it's easier to clean and to move around.  When cleaning, you can easily vacuum under the few pieces of furniture you have and you can also easily dust off furniture surfaces if they aren't cluttered with knick knacks on top. 

Bed Sheets
Bed sheets are very important because they are what either make you comfortable or make it hard for you to sleep.  For sheets, I am in love with California Design Den 400 Thread Count 100% Cotton Sheets. They are very soft and they're made from 100% long staple cotton fiber with a gorgeous sateen weave.  They're eco-friendly because they retain softness for a lifetime and there's NO FADING.  You can even get detailed hem styling. You want to invest in good sheets that will last a long time but are also soft and comfortable.  As for the comforter, we opt for a quilt because it does a fine job of keeping us just cool or warm enough without making us so uncomfortable that we wake up in the middle of the night. 

Remember, your bedroom is a place to relax and find peace so keep it clean, neat, and spacious. 

How To Style A Master Bedroom

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  1. I need to add d├ęcor to my master bedroom.

  2. I love the gold dots on the wall, super cute idea!

  3. Been really bothered by my bedroom lately and have been cracking my brain for ways to make it more serene. I think the first thing we need to do is to have an entire clear out of our wardrobes so we can throw out a dresser and get rid of the clothes strewn out on the chair taking up too much space! Thanks for sharing.

    1. thats a great first step because ultimately that stuff is probably taking up most of the room in general!


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