6 Easy Steps for an Organized Junk Drawer

Friday, February 15, 2019

Everyone has a designated "junk drawer" in their kitchen, whether they would like to admit it or not.  It just makes sense since the kitchen is the command center of every home.  If you need something in a rush, you know what drawer it's in, right? 

But what happens when that drawer is such a hot mess that you can't find anything in it and can barely get it open most days? Well, that's why today I'm showing you how to purge, declutter, and organize your kitchen junk drawer!  

Step 1: Empty the Entire Drawer

That's right - make sure you have a clear work space on a table or counter and remove EVERYTHING from the drawer.  That means every little thing no matter how much you insist it's staying in the drawer anyways.  You can't truly declutter if you aren't starting with a clean slate. 

Step 2: Wash and Empty
Sometimes our drawers collect crumbs, dust, dirt, and the most random pieces of "ick" ever so make sure you vacuum the drawer, tap it out over the trash, or wash it with a damp kitchen rag.  Let it dry completely.  If you have torn up liner that you want to remove, now's the time to do it and to replace it with whatever new kind of drawer liner you want to use. 

Step 3: Discard Trash
Don't start sorting yet! First, you need to throw anything out that is trash. That means broken rubber bands, dried up pens, gum wrappers, old scrap papers, and whatever else you can find.  It's so much easier to sort through the rest when the trash is already removed.

Step 4: Group and Sort
All similar items should be piled together such as pens, scissors, paper clips, bottle openers, etc. Put them into separate piles so you can really see how much you have of each item. 

Step 5: Reduce
Do you really need 10 bottle openers? Keep only your favorite 1 or 2.  Do the same with all items that are multiples for that drawer.  You can also ask yourself if the items can be stored elsewhere.  Can office supplies go one room over in the office? Just keep one pair of scissors and a few pens and a notepad in the junk drawer. It won't kill you to walk into another room for something else. I promise you!  

Step 6: Organize
Now it's time to take what you wish to keep in the junk drawer away but make sure you do it in an organized fashion.  If you have any drawer organizer bins or small boxes from electronics or jewelry, you can use these as organizing tools in your drawer.  Make sure everything's in a good spot where you can easily access it, unless it's something that you rarely use.  In that case, it's okay to put an item like that in the back. 

See? It's not all that bad.  If you just follow those basic steps in that order, you will have a functional junk drawer in your home! 


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  1. I have to do this from time to time, I have a drawer in my kitchen with tools, pens, pencils, tape, twist ties, rubber bands, firecrackers to scare the bears away, you name it I've got it!!

  2. I need to tackle my junk draw.



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