4 Simple Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Friday, February 1, 2019

4 Simple Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

We just got over Christmas and racking our brains for ideas but now it's almost Valentine's Day!   Sometimes I get so flustered trying to come up with a good idea when there's a timeline of pressure on me so this year I wanted to help you guys out by giving you a few suggestions for Valentine's Day gifts for your loved one if you're feeling stuck on what to get. 

Custom Signs

Customized signs are an amazing gift because they have something sentimental about them and they can be used in an area of the home or office that's "theirs".  For a husband that loves tinkering on things and playing with his car (like my James), a garage sign that says "James' Garage" is a great idea! 

You can look around on etsy for shops that customize signs.  They'll come nicely packaged for safety and you can pretty much always customize the font, color, saying, and any images you want added. 

Care Package of Favorite Goodies
We tend to feel guilty when we indulge in the things we love.  Yes, that seems kind of silly but it's just the norm anymore these days.  So a great gift idea for someone you love is to cater to their guilty pleasure.  Have a chocolate obsessed spouse? Get them a gift basket and fill it with all of their favorite candy bars and chocolate items. 

If you have someone with a food allergy, get a bunch of items that are allergen-friendly and spoil them that way. 

If you have someone that LOVES craft beer, buy a sampler pack from several local breweries and combine them in a big box for your loved one.  

Blankets are ALWAYS a great gift because they are such a comfort to us.  You can get customized photo blankets, expensive and fancy high quality material blankets, and super snuggly cheap blankets. 

Item of the Month Subscription
This is always a nice thoughtful gift because it keeps on giving for however many months you purchase it for and most of us want subscription boxes but don't want to spend the money ourselves.  There are beer of the month, food of the month, wine of the month, and plenty more subscription services out there. 

I'm actually pretty sure there's a subscription service for every type of interest,hobby, or item that exists. Literally all you have to do is Google "_____ monthly subscription" and look for a price and kit that works for you. 

Hopefully these have inspired you.  Have you gifted any of the above to a loved one? 
4 Simple Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

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  1. Cute ideas, Ellen!! I love the custom sign, I had thought about getting one for my sweetie this year...now you convinced me!

  2. Custom blankets are the best.



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