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Monday, April 29, 2019

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So Spring has sprung and I've been enjoying sitting outside to read.   Enjoy some of the books I've read this month and highly recommend! 

In Focus Chakra Healing - Your Personal Guide 

This is a very nice book to keep handy in your living room when you have some down time and want to learn more about how to restore blocked, weak, or closed chakras using holistic approached.  There's even a wall chart to use for reference which I think is pretty amazing!  The author, Roberta Vernon, has had much success with her clients emotional misery being healed through energy especially misaligned and battered chakras.  

In Focus Reiki - Your Personal Guide
From the same In Focus series comes Reiki, which goes through the process of channeling each part of the body and it's common ailments and aches even on pets.  The book teaches you the basics to reduce stress, depression, anxiety, and physical pain and it's very empowering.  It even has 2 Reiki meditation cards.  Des Hynes is the author and he saw how Reiki helped his wife deal with her cancer treatment so he wanted to show others how he believes that the mind matters A LOT when it comes to health.  This was a really cool book and definitely my favorite.  I may start dabbling in this.

10-Minute Crystal Ball by Skye Alexander

This book is awesome! It's got over 400 tips and tricks to help expand your ability to see in the future and understand people better.   It's actually very enlightening and sharpens your intuition which I think we honesty could all use.   I love what it says about interpreting dreams and their significance because I've always been interested in that! 

10-Minute Magic Spells by Skye Alexander
I've always been interested in this type of stuff so this book is a new fav of mine.  It goes over stuff like using crystals to protect your home, burning a candle for good health, and a spell for good luck.   It definitely makes me excited to connect more with the universe! 

What have you read lately?

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