3 Denim Themed Outfits for National Denim Day

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

3 Denim Themed Outfits for National Denim Day

It's National Denim Day and that means it's time to inspire your own outfit picks using some of my favorites but this time, they're themed around denim! 

3 Denim Themed Outfits for National Denim Day
Casual + Chic
Using a toned down earthy color like olive green, you can add a pop of pattern (leopard print shoes) and a pair of distressed jeans.  

I know people used to make jokes about wearing jeans with holes in them but it really does do something for an otherwise plain old look.   The holes have to be just right and look subtle enough that people won't think you're actually wearing some home renovation outfit.   

I personally love wearing boat shoes with distressed skinny jeans because it doesn't cover any part of the jeans and a simple solid color top will finish it off for a nice casual but chic outfit. 

3 Denim Themed Outfits for National Denim Day
Minimal with Stripes
So when I wear denim shorts, I know that it's such a minimal piece of denim that I have to do more for the rest of my outfit. 

Some striped navy boat shoes add fun with a pattern and neutral colors that will obviously go with your shorts, even with the little pink blush pocket hanging down.  By the way, I love pockets like that on denim shorts.  I think it adds so much character to the entire outfit. 

I top it off (quite literally) with a statement necklace and a lacy neutral color tank top.  This is a thick lace patterned top I found at Kohl's and I love the pattern and feel of it.  It gives some more dimension to an otherwise plain summer outfit. 

3 Denim Themed Outfits for National Denim Day
Dress It Up
I'm all about investment pieces in my own closet and you should be too.  One of them is a denim jacket.  A denim jacket is by far the best way to put together several outfits in several seasons all with the same piece.  And the best part is, if you  need to take it off throughout the day, you can! 

So even though this is a Summer dress, I paired it with a denim jacket so that it's appropriate to wear in the cooler (but still warm weather) in the Spring.  Nude flats finish it off without distracting from the pattern on the dress.   Also, a dress with floral patterns and sheer material ALWAYS looks good with denim. 
Title Image Above and delete this line. 

What's your favorite way to wear denim? 


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  1. I had no idea that today was Denim day.



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