My BEAUTIFUL Teddy Blake Eliza Vitello Bag

Friday, April 19, 2019

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Teddy Blake Eliza Vitello Bag Review

Can I just tell you how absolutely OBSESSED I am with my newest handbag?  I am so obsessed AND impressed that I've decided to do a full review of this bag and the brand as a whole.  

So this is the Eliza Vitello 12" Bag from Teddy Blake.   Who is Teddy Blake? Teddy Blake is a brand of luxury handbags that have been handmade in Italy since 1958.  They keep up with the reputation of Italian products with high quality construction, attention to detail, great design, and the perfect shape and durability.  All of this can give you your perfect handbag! And if you take care of a Teddy Blake bag properly, it should last a very long time! 

Now it's time to see my Teddy Blake bag up close and personal from the moment I took her out of the box. Here's my official Teddy Blake Eliza Vitello Bag review!

So, when I opened the shipping box my bag was carefully wrapped in a plastic protective bag.   When I opened that, there she was.  Still hidden in her dust cover.  The dust cover bag is super soft and feels really durable so I am excited to keep her in there when I switch to other bags for different occasions. 

The one thing about this bag is that there is no inside pocket to stash your stuff, BUT they do give you a detachable zipper pouch which is just fine with me. I chose the gorgeous grey color and it is so so pretty!  It's got such a nice modern look to it and the gold tone details are such a nice touch.   The fact that it's made in Italy is so interesting to me.  

This bag is the larger of the 2 options, as it's 12 inches and measures 12 high, 7 wide, and 11 long.  It's got an 11" adjustable shorter strap that can go as long as 21".  The shoulder strap is one of my favorite parts because it's nice and thick and very solid.   I know that it's not going to rip off after a month. The strap is nice and smooth so it doesn't dig into your shoulder and it actually is soft and comfortable. 

The draw string cinch style bag top is AMAZING.  Obviously there's no way to zip it completely shut but that doesn't bother me one bit.  It's so nice to be able to open the bag wide if I really need to get in and look for something.  But for the most part, it's so easy to reach in when I need to and then quickly cinch it shut again.  

The entire bag is so beautiful and you can see the detailed craftsmanship that goes into it.  The smooth calf leather is so soft and the interior has a contrasting color that's just as soft to the touch.  This is one of the most beautiful bucket bags I've ever seen.   I was worried it would be too large but my slender bags bulge from all my stuff anyways so actually, it's the ideal size for me.  I also like that if you're in a bind and need the bag secured you can wear it as a cross body bag.  I've also noticed in my first week of using this bag that it doesn't scratch easily, which is a huge issue for me normally because I'm constantly smacking my bags onto things then notice scratches and I want to cry.   I'm so impressed with this bag.   

Now I'm one of those people that puts their entire life in their bag and honestly, I'm impressed!  This bag fits ALL of my stuff without becoming crammed and jammed to where I can't even root around to pull something out.  There's still lots of room for shifting the contents around.  And you can see how much fits in it. 
My Blog Binder
My Filofax (wallet and agenda) 
My makeup bag which includes tissues and tweezers
My keys
My work badge
My sunglasses case
My glasses and contact case
Random medications
Chapstick and lipstick
Pepper spray
And plenty more! 

Also, this is one of those bags that I basically stare at any time I sit it down.  When I switched into it over the weekend, there I sat, staring at it and taking random photos.  Stella likes it though.  She posed next to it and seems to approve!

No review is complete without a few quick snaps of what it actually looks like on a person.  So despite my casual outfit, I asked my husband to snap a few photos of me with my new baby, er I mean bag!  

Can you see how thrilled I am with this bag? 

Again, there are pros and cons. 
Pros:Comfortable adjustable strap
Leather doesn't scratch easily
Very roomy and easy to use the drawstring closure

No inside hidden zipper pouch
Might be too bulky for some

Now let's talk about price.... This bag goes for $349 on their website right now, marked down from $525.   That can seem a bit much for some folks but there are other designer bag brands out there that are priced the same and the quality is definitely not the same.  I've had bags start to fray at the seams within 3 days that I paid a pretty penny for.  This bag is an investment bag for sure and it's so versatile it's definitely a way to get your money's worth. 

If you are looking for a comfortable, beautiful bag to hold ALL of your stuff - GO FOR THIS BAG! The Teddy Blake Eliza Vitello Bag would also be great for flying and taking on the plane with you, or as a tote bag for various occasions. 

Oh and PS - if you use the code TBEllen20 you'll get $20 off your purchase! 

So what do you think?  Do you love her as much as I do?  Would you be okay with a bag like this?   

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  1. Super cute bag. That suck it has no inside pockets.

  2. Gorgeous bag! And I bet I could fit a puppy in there too!


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