Natural Ways to Combat Anxiety

Monday, April 15, 2019

Anxiety is a mental illness that affects three million people in the United States every year. Like a broken bone or any other physical condition, mental health disorders need to be treated properly. If it is not tended to, it can affect your sleep pattern, brain function, physical tension and can even manifest into physical illnesses. Implementing these natural steps have minimal negative effects and will improve your quality of life.

Take Supplements

Supplements are made up of a combination of vitamins and minerals that provide you with many benefits. They can be found in the form of capsules, softgels, liquids and powders. Supplements can help combat many symptoms of anxiety. Sleep Aids by Neuroscience helps eliminate insomnia and assists in sleeping. Products with Ashwanganda and L-Theanine help reduce anxious feelings and puts you in a happier mood. There are also supplements that improve focus, ease your stomach and decrease restlessness which are major symptoms of anxiety. Taking supplements will only add to your quality of life.

Practice Yoga and Meditation

While there are many skeptics, there is evidence that your brain and body are more connected than you think. This is why yoga can help improve your mental state. Creating poses with your body and deep breathing allows you to release tension caused by anxiety and improves your mood. Restorative yoga and Yin style yoga are the best types of flows for relaxation and calming anxious feelings. Meditation also does wonders for relaxation. Not only does it calm your mind but it also heals your body. Find a serene forest or beach to go to and practice meditation for just five to 10 minutes a day. As you grow your practice, you’ll be able to practice for longer each day. Soon you’ll be able to meditate for an hour.

Use Essential Oils

Many people also question the legitimacy of essential oils. They believe it has a placebo effect opposed to healing effects. The truth is that high-quality oils have been proved to have true health benefits. Lavender, Cedarwood and Petitgrain do wonders in helping you fall asleep. They are also great in fighting other symptoms of anxiety. Peppermint and Rosemary are great for providing alertness, focus and clarity. Frankincense and Copaiba help provide cellular support and also relieve physical tension that is manifested from stress.
Anxiety is a serious issue that causes many Americans daily physical and emotional pain. Taking these natural steps can aid in relieving that pain. However, if these methods don’t work, there is nothing wrong with taking medication prescribed for anxiety.

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  1. Essential oils do wonder to you.

  2. Magnesium is also supposed to help with your whole nervous system, and sleep. Also Valerian Root is great.


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