Finding The Perfect Balance For A Happy Body And Mind

Monday, April 22, 2019

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There’s one goal that most people can resonate with. This is the aspiration for happiness. This is something that can be affected and determined by several factors, two of these being our mind and body.

A universal truth is that attaining happiness of any kind requires some work, be it some decision making, some battling with your inner demons, sacrificing something, to saying no to things and situations that don’t bring about a better happier you. With this said, here are three things you can think about and work at to help you work towards a better, happier, body and mind.

People’s diets have such a significant impact on their lives, it's difficult to fathom why this area is so often overlooked as irrelevant to the pursuit of a better mind and body.

What we eat and how much we eat can sometimes feel like a tug of war between the desired gratification we feel from the flavors/comfort to feeling guilty if our eating habit has gone against our own goals and aspirations.

Our diets pull on many strings in our lives, if we consistently worked to solve this area, we could create a more content mind and body. What we eat affects and speaks a lot about us. It helps to indicate your energy levels, flare or suppress your allergies, maintain or exacerbate your health, make you look glowy or in opposition to this tired and your diet can also toy with your anxiety.

So how do you find a balance that’s right for you, eat without beating yourself up and feel happy with your diet. The truth is It’s highly dependable on you and your aspirations for your body and mind. If you want to bulk up, but you’re not eating enough protein, you’ll find it harder to reach your goal and may begin to feel unfulfilled, which in turn will affect the way you think about yourself. If you’re constantly feeling drained of energy, but you’re barely eating any food, you will continue to feel sluggish until something is changed. If you’re trying to lose a few pounds and decide to crash diet your way there, this will inevitably throw up a few issues in your life, the most notable being health issues.

From this, think about what diet falls best in line with your own goals and beliefs and what diet is feasible for the time and money you have to spend on food, and the sacrifices you’re willing to make and stick to (if any). Opposed to forcing yourself into a diet so distant from your own way of life and cooking (unless you’re unhappy with these of course, then you may want to throw your all into trying something new). We all have a general knowledge of what healthy living entails, drink more water, eat fruit and veg, etc. etc. So with this in mind, maintain a balance, and allow yourself treats. The key to a happy, healthy diet is moderation, a balance between food groups, and watching your portion sizes.

Whichever path you choose for your diet, don’t beat yourself up about it if it doesn't go to plan. If you’re insistent on a set goal but your planned diet isn't working, change it, start again and see how that goes until you find what works to get your desired outcome. 

You might be wondering why this section is called sculpting and not exercising. This is because there is more than one way to shape your body, and this doesn't necessarily need to implement exercise. If you’re unhappy about your body shape, depending on your circumstances, you have the opportunity to change that. Which means that whether you choose the exercise route or surgical option, or a combination of the two, it’s not unfamiliar to do so and you shouldn't feel ashamed, or shame others for it. Whether a planned cardio routine is on your agenda and a goal of saving towards a nip and tuck. Or you're in love with the new concept of coolsculpting offered by YMD Body Sculpt as an alternative method to liposuction to get rid of stubborn curves on your body that you’re unhappy with. There are several ways for you to sculpt your body how you see fit.

Whether sculpting your body with exercise, the electric butt pads to give you a firmer bum, a waist trainer to accentuate your curves, the bottom line is, as a grown woman you should do what’s right and feasible for you. But a healthy balance is vital to prevent moving too quickly with your procedures, or over-exerting yourself with exercise.

Reflection time is a beneficial element to include whenever you’re changing your body. This gives your mind the opportunity to get used to the idea, and any new tweaks you commit to. It allows you to absorb and appreciate the changes you’ve made.

Time For You

Self-care is essential for helping everyone find a perfect balance between a happy mind and body. It’s time allocated explicitly to you amongst the hustle and bustle of life to give your body some love. This might mean spending some money on yourself shopping, getting your hair done, having a long bath, reading a book or painting.

Moms, in particular, have a hard time making time for themselves without feeling like everything else is more of a priority. In doing so, you sacrifice loving you for the sake of everyone else consistently, which can eventually in a worst-case scenario lead you to become overworked, overstressed, and make problems in your life that were never there.

Taking a step back with self-care can you help you to slow down, live in the moment, gain perspective, give you the strength to take on challenging tasks, think clearly and rid yourself of aches and pains. Now we’ve reeled off a mountain of all the reasons why self-care is essential, finding time for you is non-negotiable!

There is so much to take in and so many things you can do to find the perfect balance in life, but the truth is what works for one person may not work for you. Which is why in the pursuit of a balance between looking after the mind and body, you may want to trial and error a few things first. Such as; making some changes to your diet and setting some realistic goals. Put research into how you can sculpt your body and what practices work for you. Experiment with self-care schedules, and explore the things you love doing to find what fits your lifestyle and exhibits a feeling of passion, happiness, fulfillment, and relaxation for you. All in the name of finding a perfect balance and aspiring for a better body and mind.

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  1. Self care is so important to do. I spend an hour on sundays painting my nails.


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