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Monday, April 8, 2019

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People always ask me what my clothing style is, and honestly...I really don't know.  I wear whatever I want and whatever I can feel comfortable in.  Of course leggings and a built-in bra cami aren't appropriate for going out in public, so I do my best to find comfortable clothing but adding fun patterns and prints in order to keep it stylish.  

Today I'm sharing one of my favorite outfits that makes me feel good and (in my opinion) look good. 

First let's talk about accessories and details. On my feet I'm wearing the Lamo Bellona li Ankle Bootie and it's the most comfortable pair of shoes I've ever worn in my entire life!  They are perfect for keeping my feet warm and comfortable but also looking cute and since they are booties they actually look more appropriate to wear out and about.  They are perfect for at home or running errands but what I love most is that when I put my feet in them it literally feels like I'm stepping into a cloud.  The faux fur lining is EVERYTHING!! They're 100% suede and have a durable rubber sole that lets me walk without worrying about slipping.

Then of course I have a leopard print Kate Spade backpack which goes great with my flannel top.  Using leopard print as an accent pattern always seems to do well with black and white stripes or plaid.  But it gives me a nice little boost of confidence too because I look like I put some effort into coordinating my outfit and accessories.

As for my outfit - I'm wearing what looks like jeans but no they're actually jeggings! You can find this exact pair of Hue Dark Rinse Jeggings here and let me tell you they pull on just like regular leggings but they have REAL pockets in the back and even a little button accent on the front.  They are SO comfortable but because they're denim you can't tell they aren't technically actual jeans.

Then I just layer a grey tank top with a black plaid flannel button up top from American Eagle.  The best part about this look is that I can change it up with however I feel.  If I want I can leave the buttons undone so that it's looser fitting and more dressed down.   But if I want to look just a tad bit more put together I will button it up.

So remember - if you want to dress comfy yet chic make sure you mix a few patterns and add some layers so you can dress up a bit more or less by dealing with a few buttons. 

What's your go to comfy and stylish outfit? 

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  1. I the same way as you. Comfort if key for my outfits.

  2. I love a good pair of dark leggings! I live in mine and those boots are so cute! Wish it was springier though so we could switch to flats lol!

    1. I JUST started wearing flats this week. LOL so here's hoping!

  3. I love a pair of dark skinny jeans with some low booties. Comfy but still looks put together!


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