Easter Recap, Getting Organized, + A New Outfit

Friday, April 26, 2019

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The Easter holiday is over and I wanted to share some shots from our Easter as well as what's going on with my lately...including edible cookie dough, a workout attire subscription box, and organizing my cubicle at work! 

I love Easter with my family because it's small and simple.  We just eat and enjoy our time together.   I made ham, corn casserole, a gluten free apple pie, rolls, sweet potato casserole, and my mom brought deviled eggs. 

The dogs enjoyed seeing my parents and brother as always. 

How was your easter?  
I recently got organized at work and I am loving my desk now. A few years back I did a complete cubicle makeover here where I put up wallpaper and made it super chic! 
I'm still using my awesome little plastic drawers for paper clips and binder clips. 

I got this adorable little Compact Organizer Caddy from MindSpace and I love it!! Of course the color makes it look super sleek and stylish in my cubicle. 
The little drawer is my favorite feature.  I keep some post it notes in there and my most commonly used items and pens/markers go in the other compartments.  It's a great size too and not too bulky but still spacious enough for my items.  
A New Workout Outfit
So this is the Ellie Box! It's a subscription box where you choose your favorite 3 piece active wear outfit.  You'll get a box each month but can cancel at any time or pause and skip a month.  If you aren't happy with the feel or fit of an item you can get it replaced at now extra cost!   You can adjust your sizing preferences each month too! And you can build your workout wardrobe over time by mixing and matching the different items you get. The 3 item plan is $39.95 a month with free shipping.  You get a top, a sports bra, and a bottom. 

The outfit I got was the Starstruck one from their current collection.  It's adorable! 

It fits really nice and it's perfect for my yoga routine each day.   I love the color too and the back of the top is BEAUTIFUL!!!!   This is such a unique subscription service and the box it comes in is so beautiful.  You should definitely put some effort and care into your workout routine so that it's more enjoyable and you're more likely to stick to it. 

And oh my gosh before I go I need to share this miracle form of Heaven with you.    It's called Edoughble.  It's edible cookie dough!!  It has premium ingredients with no GMO's and it's made in small batches.  There is no egg so it's safe to eat and no chemical leavener.   

There are so many fun flavors like Snickerdoodle and Birthday Cake.  I am literally obsessed with this stuff!!!! It's a great gift idea too! You can store in the refrigerator to extend the shelf life up to 6 months and freeze it for a year! 

OH and as you know I'm a sucker for shoes that are good for your feet AND Look adorable! So check out these...

Okabashi footwear is a family-owned company based out of Georgia and they have AMAZINGLY comfortable flip flops and sandals!!!  It's always important to me to support my arches and pamper my feet no matter what type of shoe I'm wearing.  Plus, these shoes are 100% recyclable!  So it's like I'm being kind to the earth and to myself by taking care of my feet! 

Andddddd before I go, I need to show off my earrings! They are from Audra Style which has a unique selection of AFFORDABLE accessories for women.  They are colorful and fun! 

The Blush Patina earrings are so gorgeous and I love how big they are.  The leopard print detail at the stud is a great design because we all know I'm a sucker for leopard print.  They have a nice fringe bottom.

And the Neon Abstract Fan earrings are BEAUTIFUL and I love the marble design in the middle.  They are so bright and honestly would match a lot of items in my closet because of the variety of colors in them. 

I have to say, these really are affordable as both cost just $32 and are designed really well.  I'm used to earrings breaking easily or snapping especially when they are on the more affordable side. 

So what have you guys been up to lately? How was your Easter?  What have you been working on? 

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  1. Glad you had a nice Easter. I also just did a small Easter with family.



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