Healing Properties of Crystals

Monday, April 8, 2019

Crystals are viewed in a controversial light and have been for quite some time. If you run a query for crystals, you will find many uses for these beautiful stones. While scientists claim to have not seen any existing healing properties, this does not necessarily eliminate the possibility of effects. When seeking alternative means of re-balancing oneself, you should use your best judgment. For example, there are many organic supplements which provide value but have not passed specific tests. Depending on your openness to experience; healing crystal stones can add value to your life.

Aligning Chakras

Western civilization is beginning to become more in tune with spirituality as religious practices have primarily dominated in the past. It is essential to understand that there are not any objective answers in these spaces. As the world of the west becomes more accepting of eastern belief systems, people are slowly learning about chakras. Chakras are believed to be gateways that serve a particular function at crucial points in the human body. Healing crystal stones allegedly act as a key which unlocks the potential for chakras.

Experiencing Lucid Dreams

Dreaming is an aspect of life that is not completely clear to either medicinal practitioners or spiritual individuals. The subconscious mind plays a pivotal role in your behavior, and many believe this part of the brain runs rampant during dreams. For most people, they are passive participants in the dream landscape and watch these scenes from the passenger seat. There are claims that certain crystals can promote the likelihood of having a lucid dream. Lucid dreaming is the phenomena of being conscious while experiencing a dream.

Blocking Negative Energy

Outside of dreams, some crystal users believe these stones can purify environments. They are placed strategically around the home to rid the house of negative energy. Since these claims are not scientifically proven, you will have to judge the usefulness of crystal healing for yourself.

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  1. I have crystals hanging in the window in my house, and if nothing else they sure make me happy, bouncing all those sunbeams around!

  2. I have yet to get in to crystals.



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