Windy Days, Hard Candy Makeup, and Shoes that are Basically Socks

Friday, April 12, 2019

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I have so many exciting finds for you today.  But first let me explain this windy day when I took these photos.   As if it's not already difficult to set up a tripod in a spot in my backyard that gets ideal lighting, I had to also battle the winds.   It was so bad I literally almost lost my tripod to the wind.   But I did my best.   Anyways, I can't wait to show off this outfit!

Seriously though, look at how many attempts it took me to get a photo where I was only kind of squinting AND my hair looked decent.  

So one of my favorite things to do with my wardrobe is to layer and it's so easy with just a basic tank top and some cute distressed denim and a kimono of my choosing.  

But for the feet I never know what to wear. But yo! Look at these shoes! They are practically socks! 

They are KNIT SHOES by Arcopedico and they are so comfortable!  They're made with a special knitted nylon material that lets your foot be comfortable without being cramped.  Inside they're lined with SanSmell technology with creates an anti-bacterial environment so you can wear bare feet in them!  And you know I can't wear something that isn't good for my feet so I have to say the arch support in these shoes is EXCELLENT.   My feet did not get tired or sore once after a day of cleaning the house and running errands.

But wait, there's more - THEY ARE MACHINE WASHABLE!!!!!!!!  I'm ecstatic about that AND they are 100% free of animal products.  DOUBLE WIN!! 

Now I have some more exciting news....

Do you remember Hard Candy cosmetics?   Yes, that's right...from the 90's.... well it's back and I am so impressed!!!! It's still affordable as ever but I was really impressed with the quality as well!!

One of the things I tried was their Pore Primer Stick which was really impressive. It's a super lightweight primer that really did help give me a more matte look and seemed to make my big pores smaller.  It also seemed to last all day so I was really happy with this.  It's always important to use a primer under your foundation, ladies!

Now my newest obsession is their Feelin Mauvey Eyeshadow Palette.   I am absolutely obsessed and it's only $8!!!! It has both matte AND shimmer finishes and it stayed on ALL day.  I was very impressed especially for the affordable price point.  The colors all blended so well together.

I finished it off with their Plumping Serum which also lasted many hours before I had to do a touch up and it really did make my lips look amazing! It was VERY hydrating and didn't dry my lips out at all.
Hard Candy has made one of the most amazing comebacks ever and I'm so obsessed and impressed that I honestly only want this brand on my face anymore. 

So between the shoes and the makeup, I'm definitely obsessed with this look!  

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  1. I love the shoes and the make up look. It will not hide you natural beauty. Thank you for sharing this.

  2. Those shoe sounds awesome.


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