Give your Garage a Makeover

Friday, April 12, 2019

If you feel like you don't have enough space in your home or need a room of your own, consider converting your garage. Garages are no longer for just parking cars. They can double as a workshop or storage area, or they can be turned into something else completely. If you're willing to park your car in the driveway instead, your garage can function as just about anything you desire. Here are some ideas to get your started. 


Guest Room

If you're looking to bring in some extra income, consider turning your garage into a guest room and renting it out. You'll need to remodel first though. Clutter seems to develop over time, so make sure to clean out your garage first. You'll then need to paint the walls and start looking for furniture. You'll need to redo the floor, but there are plenty of concrete floor covering products to choose from. If you are planning to rent the room out, you may want to consider hiring a contractor to help with the remodel as you'll probably want a bathroom added on.

Man Cave

Most guys dream of having their own man cave after they get married. It's a space for them to watch sports, play poker and just hangout in. Your cave can start off as relatively simple. Just add some paint on the walls and bring in some furniture. You'll probably want a good television and sound system as well. Over time you can add to your hangout. You can even bring in games, such as foosball or a ping pong table, and have your man cave double as a game room.


Do you dream of having a home theater? Without too much hassle, you can convert your garage to feel just like you're at a real movie theater. Bring in some comfy theater style chairs in, and get a television projector. Garages have little to no natural light, so you won't need to worry about curtains. You can even add a mini refrigerator and a popcorn machine for a more authentic experience.
No matter what you decide to do with your garage, make sure you have the proper heating and air conditioning in place. Remodels can be expensive, so be careful to make a detailed budget to stick to. If you are looking to make this project more budget friendly, consider doing a lot of the work yourself. There are plenty of videos online to guide you through.

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  1. Or a wedding venue!! Didn't you use your garage for part of your wedding party? :)

  2. These are great idea. My husband parks his car in the garage.


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