15 Ways to Save On Electricity Bills this Summer

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

15 Ways to Save On Electricity Bills this Summer

Summer time can be a real struggle not just with beating the heat when you have to be out in it, but also trying to stay afloat financially and keeping your electric bill down.  Whether you live in a house or an apartment, these tips can help you cut back on your monthly bill. 

1. Check your home's insulation. 

The best place to look is around windows and doors and see if you can feel any draft coming in.  This means you may need to caulk or use weather stripping to seal those nooks and crannies.  You don't want air escaping outside when you're paying to keep it inside, trust me! 

2. Use a fan. 
Using a fan, whether it's a ceiling fan or a floor fan, along with your AC can help maximize the flow and movement of cooler air.  You can keep your AC at a reasonable level but keep the fans on in order to save a little money instead of cranking your AC up so you're practically throwing money around in the air.   

3. Don't run your AC constantly. 
If you aren't home, you don't need to have your air cranked.  For every degree you raise your thermostat, you can save 4-8% on your bill!   So if you like it at 72 when you're home, turn it to 75 or even turn it off when you're not home.  

4. Block the sun out. 
When the sun shines directly into your windows, it begins to heat your home kind of like a greenhouse.  So the key is to close curtains when you aren't home to keep it out.  And if you're home and the afternoon sun is absolutely baking you, shut it out! 

5. Use natural light. 
Yes, this goes against my last tip, however if you keep your lights on in the evening your rooms can seem to heat up pretty quickly.  So I always try to take advantage of natural light for activities like cooking, eating, cleaning, and reading.     

6. Get your AC inspected and serviced regularly. 
It's ALWAYS a good idea to have someone check your HVAC system every year to ensure the filters are clean, there's no leaks, and everything is operating correctly. 

7. Plant trees for shade. 
Obviously trees can take many many years to grow tall enough to give you shade, but if you plan to stay in your home for a long time, consider learning what shade trees will do best in your yard.   Make sure you place them strategically but be mindful of putting them right up against a house. 

8. Use the grill instead of the oven. 
Take advantage of being outside by grilling your dinner instead of using your electricity on your oven.  Plus using the oven can really heat your kitchen and home up on an already hot summer day. 

9. Have the right thermostat. 
A programmable thermostat is a miracle worker because it does the work for you and you can set it to a reasonable temperature.  However you also need to pick the right spot for your thermostat.  If you put it right in the kitchen it may show that it's warmer in the hole house because the kitchen can get hot from cooking.  Place it in a neutral area like a hallway near your living room. 

10.  Use your appliances less.  
Try to hang your clothes outside to dry them instead of using your dryer.  Wash your clothing less often if possible or do larger loads at one time.  Same with hair dryers.  Try to let your hair air dry in the summer.  

11. Use LED bulbs.
LED light bulbs use much less energy and last even longer than traditional light bulbs so consider switching your entire home to using this type of lighting. It actually makes everything look a little brighter too. 

12. Get a kiddie pool.
You don't have to have kids to get a kiddie pool.  I have one I put on my patio in the summer so when I'm outside I can dip my feet in it and stay cool instead of running inside and cranking up the AC.  This is also a great excuse to kick your kids out of the house so they stop using electricity inside.

13. Check your AC filter monthly. 
The dirtier your filter is the harder your AC has to work which means your bill will go up.  Check your manual to see what your unit's filter schedule is and mark the date on your calendar each month to remind you to change it. 

14. Stay low. 
The basement of a home can be the coolest spot while the upstairs floors are warmer.  If you have a finished basement, take advantage of spending time in it over the summer so you aren't running your AC high upstairs. 

15. Drink more water. 
Your body needs to be hydrated so it can regular your temperature.  When you don't properly hydrate you can start to feel ill and weak on a hot humid day. 

Depending on how much you commit to these tips, you can definitely save money on your electric bill in the summer.  Summer can be a stressful time with a lot of expenses and whether you choose to borrow money or cut back on expenses, or even do both, there are many options for you!

What do you do to stay cool and cut costs? 

15 Ways to Save On Electricity Bills this Summer

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  1. We have all LED lights in our house.



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