20 Money Saving Tips for the Summer

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

20 Money Saving Tips for the Summer
Summer is a great time to enjoy a variety of outdoor activities.  The kids are out of school and everyone seems to be having a blast day AND night. The problem is, sometimes we get caught up in the fun and we spend way too much money.  We stop being as frugal as we were when we were stuck inside during the winter months.  Here are 20 money savings tips for the summer!

1. Spend more time outside.  Take walks, eat on the patio, read a book on the porch, set up a kiddie pool and force the kids outside.  The more time you spend outside the less you will be inside using electricity like the TV, computers, etc.  Make sure you turn your air down when you aren't inside using it.  

2. Cook on the grill.  When you use the grill you aren't using your oven/stove to heat up the inside of your home which makes your air conditioning work harder to cool it back down. 

3. Keep curtains shut during the day.  When the sun is beating down and directly in your windows, it can really heat the house up so keep curtains drawn when you aren't home.  But when you are home, take advantage of the evening hours when you can use natural light by opening your curtains instead of turning on a lamp. 

4. Air dry your laundry.  If you have a drying rack, set it up outside and hang your clothing to dry instead of using electricity with your indoor dryer. 

5. Water your garden in the morning or evening.  You'll spend less money on water that you waste because if you do it in the heat of the day, the water usually evaporates quickly. 

6. Grow your own produce.  Aside from the start up costs of seeds, dirt, and containers, you really save money with a vegetable garden.  The veggies you grow won't go bad as quickly, you can shop your own backyard, and you'll be eating healthier too!

7. Take a cold shower.  It may sound strange, but it's a great way to cool down after doing yard work.  You won't use any hot water and you won't have to blast your AC either. 

8. Dress for the weather.  Dress with minimal clothing on the hottest of days so you aren't overheating and blasting your AC. Shorts and a tank top are my go to! 

9. Party at home.  The weather is suitable for hanging around outdoors so instead of going out for dinner and drinks, invite friends over and have everyone bring their favorite dish.  

10. Take advantage of free outdoor activities.  Go to your local park, swim on the public beach at the lake, go on a hike.  There are plenty of things you can do for free that will get you out and about in the summer. There are usually concerts at parks nearby and at some libraries.  

11. Shop at yard sales.  Tis the season for yard sales on every street.  So when you see one, take advantage of it for finding items you may need that you can basically get for next to nothing compared to what you would pay in the store. 

12. Get a kiddie pool.  Whether your kids are young or they're teenagers, it's a great way to keep the outside but help them cool off on the worst of humid hot days.  Heck, I even have a kiddie pool for myself so I can lounge outdoors in the summer. 

13. Take a closer vacation.  Instead of going somewhere far away that requires flying, opt for a destination you can road trip to so you'll save money. 

14. Bike to work.  Before you shoot the idea down, just give it a try if you work close to home.  Or maybe just bike to the closest store on your next errand.

15. Pause your gym membership.  Instead of paying to be indoors, do outdoor exercise like walking, jogging, hiking, riding a bike, swimming, and yard work. 

16. Shop back to school supplies in the beginning of summer.  Stock up early and take advantage of sale prices.   Despite the advertised sales, you can still spend wayyyy too much if you wait till the end of August when everyone else is pumped up for the same items. 

17. Go to the library for books instead of buying them.  You probably want to read on your porch every night after work, right? Well don't buy the books - RENT THEM! Libraries are FREE, remember!? 

18. Cut the cord on cable.  Why stay inside watching TV when you can be outside enjoying the nice weather? 

19. Go camping for less.  Instead of paying to rent a campsite, pitch a tent in the backyard! 

20. Caulk your windows and doors.  Find any drafty areas and fill them in! This can really help on your heating and cooling costs year round! 

How are you going to save money this summer? 

20 Money Saving Tips for the Summer

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  1. Great tips! I'd love to see you sitting in your little kiddie pool with your glass of wine, Ellen, ha ha!! :)

  2. You always have awesome tips to give.



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