4 Ways to Improve Your Body Image and Confidence

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

The world has become somewhat obsessed with beauty thanks to the rise of platforms like Instagram and social media websites, but it’s created a fake reality that people take too seriously. A lot of images you see in fashion websites and on social media are often edited heavily in Photoshop, creating a false sense of beauty that isn’t achievable. This leads people to believe they’re ugly, it reduces confidence in others and could create body image issues that manifest into health problems.

But it’s difficult to avoid these things, so in this article, we’re going to talk about 4 ways to improve your body image and confidence even if you’re surrounded by social media.

1. Make the most of what you have

Exercise and dieting can only get you so far when it comes to your body. There are just certain things in life that will be difficult to change without medical intervention. Doing a search for plastic surgery near me could yield results if you’re willing to go under the knife to change something, but there’s likely another way to help you get the body and image that you want. If you’ve tried dieting, exercise and have no other options, then cosmetic procedures could be considered a last resort.

2. Improve your health and your image will come

A lot of people fail to see the link between their health and confidence. A healthy body equals a healthy mind and it’s achieved by eating healthily, exercising and putting effort into making your body the best it’s ever been. If you’re confident in your own health then your natural beauty has a chance to shine through instead of the fake beauty we see on social media with edited pictures.

3. Understand that many images are edited

The majority of pictures on Instagram are edited with Photoshop. From slimming down waists to fixing a chin, there are plenty of ways to beautify yourself–but it’s still fake. Many of the pictures you see online are likely edited in some way to make them more appealing to people. If you saw those celebrities and models in the flesh at the time the photograph was taken, then the story would be completely different. In other words, understand that a lot of those perfect images you see online are fake.

4. Stay away from social media

If you find that your confidence wanes every time you go on social media then the solution is simple; avoid it! By avoiding social media you can focus more on things like your personal health, exercise and your appearance. These things will give you a much bigger boost of confidence and help you feel more positive about your body image since you’re not constantly surrounded by a fake perception of beauty.

At the end of the day, body image and confidence are about acceptance. People’s perception of what beauty is will always change and there’s no such thing as the perfect body no matter what social media tells you.

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